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Police use pepper spray, batons to break up fight, crowd outside Theater District clubs

Boston Police report people coming out of the clubs on Warrenton Street this morning didn't want to go quietly into the good night.

Instead, police say, the "boisterous and uncooperative" crowd milled about the parking lot there as five arguing women began fighting with each other:

Several officers from surrounding districts arrived on scene in an attempt to control the rowdy crowd. Officers had to draw non-lethal weapons (OC spray and batons) in efforts to disperse the crowd of combatants.

EMS responded on scene and treated individuals for OC Spray exposure.

A Dorchester woman was arrested on a charge of affray, while three women, from Hyde Park, Roxbury and Dorchester were charged not only with affray but with resisting arrest and being disorderly persons. A Randolph man found himself locked up on a charge of, yes, affray, as well as being a disorderly person, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.



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Affray.—Fighting together of two or more persons in a public place to the terror of the persons lawfully there.


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I had to look "affray" up as well, so thank you previous comment.

Also, this article is very poorly written. The first and last sentences are especially awful, sorry.

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