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Hit and run, man shot at Harbor Point

Updated Tuesday morning.

A man awoken from a slumber in a car on Oyster Bay Road by security guards around 8 p.m. sped off, plowing into several cars before aiming his vehicle at a guard, who shot him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The driver, Leroy Wiggins, a.k.a., Chris Summers, 40, of Dorchester, suffered a non-life-threatening injury and is expected to be arraigned today on charges related to the incident, the DA's office says.

Boston EMS transported a total of seven people to local hospitals for treatment and observation - Wiggins, three adults and one child in the cars he allegedly hit and two men in uniforms.

According to the DA's office, Wiggins "appeared to be passed out" in a vehicle on Oyster Bay Road when approached by security guards. He quickly revived, however, and sped off.

"At one point, he allegedly drove toward security guards and at least one guard discharged a firearm," the DA's office reports. The shooting occurred on Mt. Vernon Street, outside the Dever school.

Innocent, etc.



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Armed guards at Harbor Point? Wow...

I lived there 12-14 years ago, because I had just moved to Boston and was desperate for a decent apartment with a non-crazy roommate. At first it was mostly fine (a little isolated, but the rent was decent for what you got, and at the time the management company mostly kept up with things.) Then around 2001 that place just went down hill fast. We broke our lease and moved out.

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The first time, and only time i witnessed someone murdered was in History class at the McCormack. Harbor Point kids chased a guy down in the school lot shot him and ran back across the street. Then in 2011 when I received my MBA from UMass they sent out a mass email the day of graduation regarding a armed home invasion. Later I found out 2 black males broke into the apt of three international students, pistol wiped all three, duck taped them and stole all of their electronics.

Note when I say "witnessed", I mean I saw the whole thing. This doesn't account for all the times I've seen 10+ cop car raid the place mid-day.

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It was considered the worse housing projects in Boston when I was a little kid. NO ONE would go in there, even cops were hesitant. Fire fighters and other first responders would have to wait up at the old Boston Expo and wait for a police escort. They were literally attacked when responding to fires and medical emergencies, shot at, stuff thrown at them. This was 30 years ago or more. When it was finally torn down and replaced with Harbor Point, it was supposed to have been all cleaned up and safe. Pathetic. Why does city hall tolerate it? And it's physically a MUCH,MUCH nicer place than Columbia Point, which was like something out of a Escape From New York. Attitudes remain the same. Fix things up, modernize, plant flowers and trees, doesn't matter.

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