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The Talking Apes at Fox 25 News

[float=right]IMAGE(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_g25bDp45_Kg/TGVahi2NxuI/AAAAAAAAzZY/4-rU68fwBYw/s200/VB.jpeg)[/float]I'm going to guess Chris Faraone is, at least in part, talking about Doug VB Goudie, a former producer for Howie Carr. Doug is now a commentator, interviewer and advocate for conservative ideas on the Fox 25 Morning News on WFXT.

Carr gave Doug the nickname "Virgin Boy" or "V.B." His on-air co-workers refer to him as VB most of the time. Do they know it stands for Virgin Boy? Is Fox 25 trying to be as dumbed down and vulgar as possible? I ask because I didn't think there was an audience for dumbed-down in Boston.

Here's a related blog post by Doug Peabody from 2008 "VB Doug Goudie? Fox25's Clown?"

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Goudie apparently doesn't like his real name getting out there, though the Fox 25 site does mention it. He used it not just with Howie at WRKO, but for a time about 10 years ago he used it as host of the short lived "Pleasure Pit" late night show there. One would think he'd eventually go back to his real name but maybe he'd prefer just "VB" and people who know him from his 'RKO days only know him by that monikker.

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