New Hampshire man learns commuter-rail conductors don't forget a face

Transit Police report arresting a Plaistow, NH man trying to get on a train at North Station yesterday on charges he waved a knife at a conductor on the line last week.

According to police, Eric Foster's ire was raised on the evening of Aug. 9 when his Haverhill train reached the end of the line and a conductor tried to rouse him from his sleep:

The male became angry and refused to exit the train. The conductor attempted to explain to the male Haverhill was the last stop of the line and all passengers are required to disembark. The male refused again and rose to his feet, pulled out a folding knife and began waving it at the conductor challenging him to a physical confrontation. The conductor immediately called police and the suspect male fled.

Police say Foster, 28, tried to board another Haverhill train around 8:30 p.m. yesterday - staffed by the same conductor he allegedly threatened last week:

The conductor refused to let the male board and called the Transit Police. Once again the male threatened the conductor with physical harm. The male fled prior to Transit Police arrival. However TPD officers conducted an area search and located a subject fitting the physical description provided by the victim inside the 7-11 on Causeway Street.

Foster is scheduled for arraignment today in Haverhill District Court on a charge of assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

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He was just angry

Hey was just angry that Plaistow extension hadn't happened yet. He thought he could take the train all the way home.

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