Citizen complaint of the day: Maybe a building next to condos wasn't the best place for a kennel

A sleepless citizen in West Roxbury complains about the new Pet Luxe on VFW Parkway:

For the past two days at the pet luxe the dogs a been barking and having serious fights. I live in the condos next door and have bee hearing this since about 730 am yesterday and into today. The staff screams and blows whistles to calm the dogs but just makes more noise. Complaining to the store does no good. I had surgery the beginning of the week and have been unable to get any rest. Something really needs to be done with this situation.



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Too funny

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Remember when the do gooders were trying to ram a dog kennel down the throats of the Second Street residents in South Boston? They all were being accused of being Nimbys. Check out the kennel now that it is in an industrial park on the waterfront. Even the dogs can't hear themselves think. The barking is incessant and annoying, 24/7.
They should have put it next to Jerry Remy's.

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Ramming. Always with the Ramming.

Ramming a dog kennel down someone's throat.

My. There's a vivid image!

I'm just wondering what your throat is doing on another person's property if you keep getting rammed?

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