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Next year, Menino could become a spokesman for Ocean Spray, but probably not Detroit

The New York Times posts a Q&A with Hizzona.

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If the cops don't respond to a call within 90 minutes, we should just "bulldoze the place." Well, that sounds like a great solution to Allston.

*thinks back to the time it took FIVE calls over FOUR hours for BPD to get around to coming out to tell a dick with his truck parked illegally, blocking most of our one-way street, to move it or lose it*

Also, I love the bit about him/the paper claiming he's not a "show" mayor. The dude spent a decade-plus forcing organizations and groups to slap his name on stuff and "thank" him even if he had no involvement, if they wanted him to show up at an event.

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I doubt those calls in Detroit are for double parking. Allston and Detroit are on different planets

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And you plan to turn on those 40% broken streetlights in Detroit with what money? Do you know what "bankrupt" means, Menino? Hint: It's what you are mentally.

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Oh, c'mon Will. Even you're better than that. Don't you think Tom could twist more than a few arms to get other financing? Those who live in the actual city of Boston, like our fearless leader, Adam, have always said that regardless of what you think of Tom as a mayor, the basic city stuff gets done - trash, snowshoveling,
etc. I think working street lights fall are in that category. IIRC, you live or did live in Allston. Perhaps Allston doesn't get
the same TLC as Roslindale, for example?

BTW, weren't you going to run for City Council at one point?
Did you decide, instead, to spend more time with your family. Nothing wrong with that but if you were elected I would have loved to hear about you trying to get along with your fellow Council-people.

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