East Boston taco place slapped for liquor bottles behind the counter

The Boston Licensing Board today meted out an unusually stiff four-day suspension to Las Vegas, 964 Saratoga St., after police found bottles of gin, tequila, whiskey and vodka behind the counter of the former King Tacos, which is licensed only to sell beer and wine.

Owner Raul Santos and his manager said the bottles were purely decorative and were not used to serve customers. But at a hearing on Tuesday, neither could say where the bottles came from or even who had purchased them.

Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer tore into the pair after she looked at police photographs showing that all the bottles had pourers attached. "This is such a clear violation," she said. "This is such a disregard for the laws and the rules."

Santos can decide when to shut the restaurant or appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.



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Gotta side with the board here

How much of a (expletive) do you have to be to put pour tops on liquor bottles and then claim that they're there for decoration?

The rules suck, but if you're going to break 'em, try mastering subtlety.

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Carrie Nation lives on!

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God forbid anyone have any fun lest the city not get it's due kickback! Ridiculous.

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no violation

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Murati-ferrer: "This is such a clear violation"

Ummmm...nooooooo, it's not at all. Storing liquor behind the counter is NOT a violation, serving/selling liquor to patrons _is_. The police did not find them serving or selling any liquor to anyone. If the city wants storing liquor to be considered a violation, then add that to the code. Otherwise, let's put an end to bs/halfass police work and stop harassing local businesses.

Raul: Do NOT put up with this clear harassment

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