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John Connolly's negative campaign hypocrisy on parade

Dave Wedge reports John Connolly's 2007 campaign sent two negative mailers while John Connolly now attacks Marty Walsh for negative mailers sent by third parties not connected with Marty's campaign.


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First, criticizing your opponent for something a third party did is kind of douchey.

Second, criticizing your opponent for something you did yourself is straight-up hypocrisy.

Third, when you're a person who had every advantage in life from the most elite college prep school in the nation to Harvard to BC Law and Ropes & Gray and you criticize your opponent for something he didn't do but you did, you're a privileged asshole.

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Kind of slimey to rail against negativity and while running nasty push polls. My wife got the call. Said it was so over the top ing was laughable. And when she laughed the lady apologized and stated it was the worst there company had done.

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I told the sweet young lady conducting it that it was the most dishonest poll I'd ever encountered -- but she didn't offer any apologies, obviously well-trained.

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