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Frog and mayor

Frog leads parade

A big frog led a parade around the Frog Pond today during the city's Halloween pumpkin festival, which featured floating pumpkins, giant bubbles, kettle corn and a chance to go down a slide while dressed as a princess.

And Tom Menino was there, making his last Halloween appearance on the Common as mayor. He moved slowly through a dense knot of people as parents brought their kids up to meet him. He greeted and posed with every one of them:

Menino and Mario Brother
Pink hair

Pumpkins floated serenely along the edges of the pond:


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Wow the guy who dressed up as Mayor Menino should win an award.. its a spitting image of the mayor

(sarcasm folks..)

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Anyone get any pictures of the pumpkins representing various Boston area cultural institutions? I understand there were pumpkins representing the Red Sox, Franklin Park Zoo, and maybe the MFA?

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