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Doug the Bug!

Everybody see the ridiculous hand-painted signs for increasingly perennial candidate Doug Bennett (this time running for Sheriff) all over the city during the recent election season? As if it weren't enough that we had 97 City Council candidates and slightly fewer Mayoral candidates, Doug decides to add his finger-painted shards of discarded construction waste to people's yards, fences, houses, but convincing them that he's a). a Democrat, b). already Sheriff and, c). a legitimate candidate -- none of which are true. (Remember he was running for John Kerry's Senate seat earlier this year?!? OurCampaigns.com lists him as Republican: www.ourcampaigns.com/CandidateDetail.html?CandidateID=125045 and he ran as a Republican for the Cape and Islands Senate seat‎). Doug flip-flops his party as much as his issues - like he's still some zany surfer dude on the Cape Cod beaches! It doesn't say much about a candidate if he changes core-issues and party affiliation with the wind. Well, it does say one thing pretty loudly...

Well, those ill conceived green and yellow monstrosities were flying all over the city with last night's wind. The one in Adams Village was crashing into cars off Gallivan Blvd, and they were blowing across the street on Broadway in Southie, Monument Ave in Charlestown and Hyde Park Ave. Adams Street in Dorchester was also the scene of a zip-tie malfunction when a discarded and finger-painted door of Doug's blew into traffic and nearly caused at least two accidents before a concerned citizen of the neighborhood risked the legendarily litigious Doug the Bug's wrath to haul the beast out of the street and secure it behind a line of trash barrels (where I can personally attest it looked quite at home).

Remember when Doug told everyone he was a Democrat and ran for the D3 City Council seat? Door knocking shirtless and unkempt and even wandering un-invited into back yard barbecues . Before that he was running for Citywide City Council in 2008 and he was taping his scissor-cut, self printed fliers to people's doors and when you pulled them off, you likely pulled off a chuck of paint with them. Well, now you can relive some scene out of Twister, where an old door (painted green and yellow like the opening credits of some creature double feature) blows furiously across the street in front of your car when you're just trying to get home to watch the Pats game.

If crappy zip ties and legendarily poor sign strategy are hallmarks of Doug's administration as, well, whatever he might someday get elected to (Selectman, City Councilor, Senator, Sheriff...) I think that's the strongest and least delusional campaign message he could possibly send. Running for a public safety job? Why not go all cuckoo ego-crazy and put finger-painted signs up all over the city a year before election for Sheriff, in the middle of a massive election season for the city and let everyone know you're a gadfly! Then for good measure, endanger public safety by getting the crappiest K-Mart zip ties still on the shelf at National Wholesale Liquidators and leave the old painted doors, panels and tv boxes up for a year in all kinds of weather.... until they blow across traffic in a predictable New England winter wind.

Maybe the wacky signs are all apart of Doug's new campaign Strategy, summarized on his website: "As Sheriff, I will pursue cost effective ways through peaceful methods to lower crime in our communities. The approach that I will develop is called the Crime Deterrence Posse. This concept to fighting crime is based off of Counterinsurgency Tactics that are today used by the military in conducting police activities overseas specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Maybe it's me, but Doug doesn't seem to understand what it is that the Sheriff actually does, which is not law enforcement, except within the custody centers that the Sheriff oversees. It's care and custody of those folks in our community who've been sentenced to county jail time or are awaiting sentencing for a more serious charge.

Here's one thing that Doug the Bug's Crime Deterrence Posse can do to immediately improve the public safety of our neighborhoods: Get those hideous signs down before the next winter wind blows them across have the streets in Boston and someone's family gets hurt or worse in a car wreck trying to avoid the careening debris that so excellently exemplifies your past and present political career (http://www.ack.net/Bennett122905.html).

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You know when you are heading for victory when anonymous posters attack and ridicule you. It always out of fear, hatred, and jealousy that these "stalker trolls" attack you when you are on the brink of success and triumph.

My good friend Moe Love obviously does not like the fact that yes I am a former Republican. However, fortunately I am in good company.

My opponent Steve Tompkins registered as a Democrat only this past April 1, 2013 according to the Boston Elections Department. Before that he was a Republican.

The woman I look to succeed as elected Sheriff of Suffolk County, Andrea Cabral, was a registered Republican when she first became Sheriff. When she realized like that the Republicans were the party of hate and closemindness, Ms. Cabral like Steven Tompkins and myself became a Democrat.

And then there is U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. It is true, Senator Warren was a registered Republican only until recently before she came to Harvard. In fact, Elizabeth Warren was a Republican all the way through the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

And of course we can not forget how President Clinton's wife Hillary Clinton who happens to probably be the next President is also a former Republican.

Last but not least, the greatest President ever and the person responsible for the new deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a former Republican.

So let's list all the former Republicans:

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Andre Cabral
3. Douglas Bennett
4. Steven Tompkins
5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sounds like I'm in good company. In a position that involves Murder and Violence, there is no Democrat or Republican, only Non-Partisanship.

Thank you for your endorsement Moe Love.

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"brink of success and triumph"? You lost all those, remember, Dougie? Well not only are you a mental menace to the electorate, apparently your third grade signs are now as much of a nuisance as you are! Excellent piece,Moe! Of course you know Dougie's style by now, pick one thing out of your post that he feels he can defend himself on and then he totally ignores the rest. Like why he has no comment about the slanderous and libelous statements he has made about Sheriff Tompkins being a wife beater. So as the wind carries away the tattered remains of Doug's political career, one can only hope that a motorist is not injured by his poorly secured signs, though Doug would probably blame that on anonymous posters also.

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Doug's signs apparently are made from the cheapest grade of plywood and paint/crayons he could find, and certainly nothing designed to be outside in the elements.The result is that the edges and corners of the plywood are already deteriorating and chipping off and the paint is washing off. They were ugly when they were brand new. By the time the election happens in 2014, they will be green tinted sawdust.

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Dorchester resident @EricaMattison asked the City of Boston today if something could be done now that the election was over about Dougie's ugly ass signs and that sent our little hellion OFF! When the City replied they would report it to code enforcement, Dougie replied,

@NotifyBoston My election is next September 9, 2014. Early bird gets the worm. Code enforcement better not touch signs. Thx

Then this:

@EricaMattison my signs are on private property as in this pic. If @NotifyBoston touches ANY sign it violates my 1st amendment = lawsuit.

And finally this:

@EricaMattison @NotifyBoston My election is Sept 9, 2014. Early bird gets the worm. Code enforcement better not touch signs or LAWSUIT. Thx

Doug Bennett. Showing ALL politicians how to court the electorate and address their concerns! Of course, Doug may have to go to his father -in-law for the money for a lawyer. How proud he must be that his little girl married this down-and-outer!

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There is no father-in-law by recent counts..times have changed

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Thank you!

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