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Sheriff Tompkins Voter Registration

Here it is. To put to rest the lies by Doug the Bug.

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Sorry Moe (aka "Bill") you can plaster as many manipulated rectangle graphs with twisted data, but all you have to do is call the Boston Elections Department at 617-635-3767 and an Elections Department Worker will accurately and immediately inform whoever asks that Steve Tompkins did not register as a Democrat until less than NINE MONTHS AGO. In fact if you dig further, they will also answer that Tompkins failed to register to vote for a couple years after he moved here from New York State.

The reason why Moe won't call Boston Elections is because he knows what I am saying is the truth.

Look Moe, Steve Tompkins is an imperfect Democrat like myself, Andrea Cabral, Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We all saw the light. In Steve Tompkins case he is the newest Democrat of us all and we are an open tent and he is welcome like everyone to be a part our political party.

I am sure with Tompkins only becoming a Democrat less than NINE MONTHS ago, he would not want to make this an issue in this election. Remember ensuring public safety of Suffolk County, and that means dealing with murder, violence, and other crimes, there is no Democrat or Republican but non-partisanship.

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Looks like Moe has proven you wrong....again! Once again, the addled mind of Doug Bennett refuses to admit to his own lies. Why would Moe fabricate data, Doug? To make you look bad? You do a good enough job of that on your own. Shouldn't you be out looking for another job you'll eventually be fired from due to your strange and belligerent nature?

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