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Putting the bite on Bicon Dental Implants

City attorneys are rooting around Inspectional Services Department documents to see if the department went too far in approving expansion at the Bicon building off the Emerald Necklace, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.

Lyss, who is both a Bicon patient and a nearby resident, doesn't get the root cause of opposition to the building:

I understand the desire to keep Boston's neighborhoods leafy and keep them from getting overrun by rampant, soulless development. Let's be realistic here - it's not in a park in the proper sense - it's not surrounded by parkland in the traditional sense (ex: Tavern on the Green in Central Park). It's on a high-traffic rotary that isn't too attractive itself, save for the leafy entrance to Franklin Park.


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You'd think with our young men being murdered on the streets of Jamaica Plain everyday that we might not care so much about a dental building that employs people. I'm a bit biased beacuse I am a patient there, but come on people.

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