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The gremlins that escaped the City Hall basement yesterday are raising hob this morning

Gridlocked traffic on Bennington Street in East Boston

Gridlock on Bennington Street reached into Revere. Photo by Ally.

Traffic lights at Blue Hill Avenue and Morton Street in Mattapan, Neptune and Bennington streets in East Boston and Rutherford Avenue and Chelsea Street in Charlestown are on the fritz.

There's a pothole at the entrance to the Sunmner large enough to require a cop to stand in front of it.

A clogged drain at Forest Hills has created a new lake in the upper busway.



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The water was coming over the end of Long Wharf at lunchtime yesterday, and was throwing seaweed around.

The trains from Cape Ann and north shore are snarled this morning, too.

Is there some sort of extra high tide causing some of this?

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