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Does anybody like the T?

Well, OK, Nina does, but otherwise, it seems like T-venom sites are sprouting faster than the Green Line makes it down Comm Ave. [snare].

Green Line sucksLife on the Green Line is dedicated to:

A cynical examination of all the faults and foibles of Boston's very own method of public transportation: the T.

Other sites about T suckitude include:

Green Line sucks

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Would it be in poor taste to follow Kanye West's lead and name my T sucktitude site "Dan Grabauskus Doesn't Care About Black People"? I guess it would considering I am not black (however, most of the ridership on my routes are predominately minority) and have no evidence of any racial bias by Mr. Grabauskus. But how many times do I have to watch two (newer)Braintree trains pass by before one (old) Ashmont train? How come whenI complain about no show buses in Dorchester I get a form letter but the bus is almost always prompt in Newton Center?

"If you see something, say something!" I see our trains/busses robbing us of time on a regular basis. I see an over priced bus route in the South End and Roxbury as reneging on a promise for light rail to underserved neighborhoods. I say screw you, give us better service!

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In response to your seeing 2 braintree trains before an ashmont train... Once upon a time, I went on a tour of the MBTA control room, where you could see where every train was at that moment (well, except for the green line, but that's another story). Anyhoo, the woman in charge of it all told us on the tour that from 5pm to ?? (i forget the time) they run 2 braintree trains then an ashmont train. I believe the reasoning was that more people rode the braintree branch, but it's been a few years since that tour. I think they do the same thing during the morning rush hour as well.

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If you want to see miserable service, come take a look at the Orange Line sometime. Off-peak hours, it runs maybe every 20 minutes (if you're lucky) where their schedule says it should be every 13... constant breakdowns, signal failures, switching problems, randomly taking trains out of service... just about everything you can imagine goes wrong with it. And I'm sure that it "just happens" that this is the train that runs through the mostly minority, working-class neighborhoods.

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