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Ice cream for Union Square in Somerville?

Gracie's Ice Cream

Julie spotted this sign on the old Sherman Market space in Union Square today.

The Web site doesn't offer any more specifics.

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This mysterious sign, apparently placed in a Union Square storefront window by a "Gracie's Ice Cream" features only a cryptic message: "Coming Soon". A web address tossed off at the bottom leads confused browsers to the inscrutable GraciesIceCream.com, where this "Gracie's Ice Cream" hints coyly that he (she? They?) "are working hard" to open "Union Square's ice cream shop." The writer leaves no other method of following his or her activity except an email list promising regular updates on the progress on whatever type of project it is that they might be referencing therein. We here at Universal Hub can only guess as to what this all means. The person or persons behind this sign may never reveal their true intentions and could not be reached for comment. Probably.

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