Fire guts vacant triple decker in East Boston

Boston firefighters battle blaze on Marion Street in East Boston

Firefighters battle Marion Street blaze. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports an early morning fire did an estimated $500,000 in damage to a triple decker for sale at 201 Marion St.

There were no injuries in the fire, called in around 2:10 a.m. The cause remains under investigation.



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Fire truck

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I hope they didn't move anyone's space savers when they parked that ladder truck.

Edit- never mind, I thought this was a Southie fire.

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A little ahead of schedule...

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When I moved into Eastie 5 years ago I was warned a building is destroyed by fire every six months. It has held true, until now. Maybe the damage done to the building on Webster Street (or Sumner Place) was not enough to be a total loss? #gentrification

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If you lived in Eastie 30 or

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If you lived in Eastie 30 or 45 years ago, fires were the norm, I can remember so many as far back as the early 1970s, There was once three seperate multi family houses where the vacant lot / driveway is now between 167 & 161 Chelsea street all buildings burnt to the ground , I beleive that event occured in 1974, can also remember 4 seperate multi family brick buildings that use to be on the land where the Walgreens parking lot is located on Meridian Street that was around 1978 it was a rainy day and it was a Sunday afternoon, that was a huge fire, the buildings were demolished the following day. In September of 1983 The Mamma Catina/Glasstop Lounge exploded at 4am located at the intersection of London and Porter Streets, waking and scaring the entire East Boston neighborhood, The explosion, triggered by a faulty gas main outside the resturaunt also caused other buildings to explode and burn , one being on Lubec Street, another on Morris street, Boston Police driving around the neighborhood with their loud Speakers turned on warning residents not to turn their gas stoves on, luckily it happened in September, If this event ever happened in the peak of
winter , there could have been thousands of fatalities. The Resturaunt was in total ruins, it looked as if was bombed..The war in Beirut was happening during that time, people were saying that it looked like beirut. There are no photo's of the actual destruction of the Resturaunt anywhere on line.

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