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The New Media Candidate

This has to be some sort of a first. The boston.com Political Intelligence blog has a snarky post about wannabe Senate candidate Jim Ogonowski's embarrassing failure to file, by today's deadline, enough signatures to qualify for the Republican primary. (He was 300 30 short of the required 10,000.) Who posts the first comment? Why Ogonowski himself:

Despite what you may have read, I am proud to tell you that I will be turning in more than the required 10,000 certified signatures to get on the ballot. I am thankful to the 22,000 people across Massachusetts who signed my nomination papers and for all the hard work of the town clerks who had to go through all the names and certify them.

Too bad he doesn't explain how he plans to deal with that pesky little deadline problem.



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He wasn't down 300 signatures, he was down 30. That's just embarassing.

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I would have voted for him in a heartbeat...

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