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Barrage of bullets leaves one man slightly grazed in Dorchester

Shortly before 7 p.m., somebody began firing a gun repeatedly from Stratton Street near Lucerne. A man standing on Westview Street near Ames Street was grazed by one of the bullets.

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There is lots of gunfire on and near Westview, Westville, and Wild Wild West Streets over the past few days. Please use your legal authority to stop these shootings, just for kicks, just to amuse us.

It is nice that you have been making sure all the moving into all the colleges went fine and dandy this past weekend, but you know what, holes in people and the threat to the otherwise fine and nice people of Dorchester might be abated first before Our House East gets cited for having someone with a fake id. Please?

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This is really a job for marketing professionals and real estate shills.

Just declare the area to be the New New Newest "Innovation' District and before you know it the place will be carpet bombed with luxury housing schemes and the lethal quarrels can be transformed with gang adversaries shifting focus to app startups and froyo franchises.

We'll finally move past the long discredited "let em kill each other off" doctrine that has held sway for my life time.

Great piece of comment craft, by the way.. thanks!

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