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Gaming Commission could choose a Boston-area casino this week

WBUR reports on the decision between Suffolk Downs/Mohegan Sun in Revere and Wynn in Everett - two months before voters decide whether to allow any casinos in the state at all.



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We all know the fix has been in for Suffolk Downs from the beginning with the special restricted voting (only East Boston), the do over vote after East Boston said no, the way Menino backed Suffolk but not Wynn, the way that Suffolks dirty investors (Vornado, who formerly brought you the hole at Filenes) were allowed to not undergo background checks the way all other investors were, etc. I hope in Nov the whole thing is repealed as the process has shown what a corrupt industry gambling is, but we are being shortchanged by having Suffolk anointed before it began. And when they win, some of the money we were supposed to get from gambling taxes will go right back to them to support their horse gambling operations, i.e. they have to be subsidized.

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They can put it in that old electrical utility closet at cummins and wash!

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