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Hamersley's Bistro replacement to focus on tapas

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Gallows owner Rebecca Roth Gullo take over the Hamersley's Bistro site at 553 Tremont St. after Gordon Hamersley retires next month.

Gullo needs board permission to purchase Hamersley's liquor license.

At a hearing today, Seth Yaffe, who would manage the as yet unnamed restaurants, said the menu would highlight "small, community plates" of international fare - in other words, tapas.

The board decides on the request tomorrow.


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Again with the tapas? Will never replace the chicken, I say.

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It will compliment the tappas place going in "next door" at the Sibling Rivalry space (although a hear and no construction yet, who knows if that is happening)

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Can someone make this "tapas"/"small plates made for sharing" trend go away?!

If I hear one more time, "Have you been here before? Do you know how our menu works? We have small plates made for sharing." In other words, you'll have to order 7 plates in order to feel like you've eaten anything, more if you actually share the pea-sized cube of short rib with anyone else. In other other words, the restaurant owner will be laughing all the way to the bank because instead of a main course, you've had seven dishes that add up to 3 main courses.

Funniest thing is, that in Spain, tapas is actually an inexpensive alternative to a full-blown meal! And its not made for sharing!

The great Henry Alford sums it up here:


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