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Five-alarm fire rips through East Boston triple deckers

Fire on Saratoga Street in East Boston

Firefighters aim streams of water at fire on Saratoga. Photo by BFD.

A fire at 1051 Saratoga St. jumped to 1053 Saratoga before being brought under control, the Boston Fire Department reports.

Two firefighters were injured while battling the fire, reported at 12:53 a.m., the department says - one with heat exhaustion, one with a knee injury.

No residents were injured; 34 were displaced, the Red Cross says.

The department estimated damage at $500,000 for each building. Inspectors were called in to try to determine the cause of the fire.

Casey Leish captured the flames shooting into the sky:

East Boston fire


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Is it just me, or has there been a lot of fires in Eastie lately?

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within the past few weeks?

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That part of Eastie rarely has apartment building fires, the last major fire in that area was the East Boston yacht club in the late 1990's, that fire was a 9 alarmer.

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I agree a lot of Fires in Eastie in recent months, everytime I hear sirens at night, I go to the app (Tunein radio) and type in Boston Fire and listen in, and find out where the fire is in Eastie .

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