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Fire rips through Audubon Circle building; neighboring residents evacuated

Fire at Park Drive and Beacon Street in Boston

The Boston Fire Department reports a four-alarm fire at 877 Beacon St. early this morning did an estimated $3 million in damage, forced the evacuation of residents of neighboring buildings and injured two firefighters.

Firefighters responded at 1:25 a.m. to the building, which housed offices, not apartments. The department says that while residents were evacuated - MBTA buses were brought in to give them shelter - firewalls between the buildings held, preventing the fire from spreading. Residents were allowed back in around 4:30 a.m.

Both injured firefighters were taken to the hospital, one with a shoulder injury, one with an ankle injury.

The cause remains under investigation.

Firefighters get on top of the fire (Photo by BFD):

Beacon Street fire

Residents in buses (Photo by BFD):

Beacon Street fire buses

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There have been a number of notable fires in that block over the years. I remember about 10 years ago someone set fire to a building just a few block up toward landmark center. The building was damaged but not destroyed. A few weeks later it was torched again, this time fully gutting it. A year later it was high end condos....

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earn their keep on days and nights like this. Everybody stay safe, and watch the space heaters, etc.

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Otherwise, well...

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