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Grubergate is the new Benghazi

Jim Braude of NECN, has aide to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, John McDonough, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who helped to draft the Affordable Care Act, on his show Broadside to discuss MIT prof. and resident of Lexington. MA Jonathan Gruber's controversial remarks. Watch the video here:

“The thing to understand is that Jonathon Gruber was not in the room when it was bering written.. I’ve known him for years. We worked on Massachusetts reform together. When he’s talking economics, he does really well. He gets into trouble whenever he starts talking policitics. I can tell you as someone who was in the room, the notion that there was conversation about ”oh we’re going to pull the wool over stupid Americans eyes” is so just far from the truth of what was actually going on, with a large number of people who were involved in writing this who realized we were recreating US health care policy history in a way that was vitally important for the American people.” -John McDonough

Chris Hayes of MSNBC covers the controversy, the progress of Obamacare, and the politics in this excellent segment called "Don't fall for Grubergate" (video).




Time to put down the Kool-Aid and admit the public and to some extent congress got conned.

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But CNN lost me years ago. I think the last straw was the coverage of JFK Jr.'s plane crash. "This just in -- we still know absolutely nothing about the disappearance of JFK Jr's plane. Stay tuned for some people who know nothing, talking about how they don't know anything. If you're lucky, they'll start arguing about who has the most appropriate sports metaphor. In other news, authorities say they still don't know anything about the disappearance of JFK Jr's plane."

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