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It's a good DAY for Paul Harvey fans

Life just hasn't been the same since 'BZ got rid of Paul Harvey, only 900 years young, to give Carl Stevens more time for his exclusive series: "I Won't Rest Until I Interview Every Last Worcester Resident about the Snow" (immediately followed by Jon Keller's long-running series: "Why Is Every Boston Driver a Jerk in the Snow Except Me?").

In a dramatic bid to increase its listenership among the codger set, NewsTalk 1150 (not to be confused with NewsTalk 96.9) is bringing Harvey's News and Comment back at 10 a.m. weekdays, starting Feb. 6. We eagerly await the rest of the story (oh, wait, I see that's on at 6 p.m.)

Note to our readers in the Greater Fitchburg area: You may be out of luck: Doesn't look like WTTT propagates all that well out there.

Via Boston Radio Blog.

Paul Harvey, Good DAY!
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And here I thought they'd dropped Paul Harvey cause he'd, like, died or something. No such luck.

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Wouldn't have mattered. Like Ernie Boch, Paul Harvey has a junior to carry on the family tradition.

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