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Dorchester men charged with stealing suburban tires

Wakefield Police report arresting three Dorchester men they say were spotted removing the tires from a Kia in an apartment-complex parking lot early Thursday.

Terrance Jason Ramos-Farnum, 25, Joel Winslow, 26, and Anthony Sanchez, 25, were charged with larcenty over $250.

Police say a resident of the Audubon Road complex called to report "men in dark clothes" removing the tires and wheels from a Kia Optima shortly after midnight.

The suspects were seen getting into a Honda Odyssey minivan.

Wakefield Police Officer David Rando arrived quickly and was able to successfully stop the Honda occupied by the suspects, as the minivan was exiting the complex.

Four tires and wheels were visible in plain view inside the vehicle.

Police say they returned the tires to the car's owner.

Innocent, etc.

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Heard this story before. I served on a jury trying pretty much the same sort of crime in JP. Had a more dramatic ending, though. Police chase, guns drawn. Three arrests. Two plead out. We tried the third and found not guilty. We thought he was part of it, his defense was pretty lame, but the prosecution case was weak. Afterwards, the foreman told me that if he really was a bad guy he'd get caught for something later that would stick.

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How on earth could there not be enough evidence to convict all three? Why were the two offered a plea deal?

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I've always thought lug locks were more trouble than they're worth for my boring, kinda scratched up wheels. But if crooks are out stealing Kia rims....geez.

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More common than one would think. Apparently, Hondas are very lucrative to thieves. I've seen a Honda Fit on plastic milk crates myself - probably did more damage to the body of the car than the wheels were worth. People who do this kind of shit to someone should get the full bitchslap of the law.

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