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From sad to glad, Boston bloggers have opinions about the Manny deal:

Rob compares Bay's and Ramirez's stats:

... Manny Ramirez is a sure bet Hall-of-Famer. But he had to go. Jason Bay has an extremely long way to go before he's on the road to Cooperstown. But considering his future potential, and the relatively positive influence he'll have on the Sox clubhouse; Jason Bay is better for the Red Sox than Manny Ramirez.

Jeff thinks the trade is pretty fantastic:

... Bay has hit as well as Manny this year, is probably +10 or so (1 win) better than Manny defensively, while Brandon Moss had no place on the team, and Craig Hansen can't find the plate. ...

Amy, however, begs to disagree:

... I don't care HOW mad they are or how much they had worked up Red Sox Nation against Manny... this trade makes no fucking sense. ...

Jimmy argues the Sox could ill afford to lose one of the best hitters in baseball.

Berto: That's it? We trade Manny for a bucket of balls?

Dan Kennedy runs the numbers, concludes the deal makes great financial sense for the Sox.

Kim: We'll miss you, Manny. And in time, your heart will realize that this was a really bad move.

38 Cliches: Thanks for the laughs. Have fun with Nomah.

Pax Arcana says a pox on everybody's house: Sox, Manny, the Dodgers and Sox fans.

Jay Fitzgerald will miss Manny:

... But I'm relieved to get the controversy behind us, therefore there's no aching-heart regret here. ... Some are already comparing the Manny heave-ho to the Nomar trade almost exactly four years ago. Another coincidence is that both trades occurred around the time of the Olympics. The local media four years ago ramped up its Olympics coverage, giving the Sox some room out of the spotlight (relatively speaking, for Boston) to adjust and recover. ...

Andrew Teman is bummed:

I can't really stand up for his actions of late, and he certainly has made it hard to be a Manny fan lately, but this kind of sucks.

Bill Trippe: I'm sure Jason Bay is a fine young man, but he's no Manny.

Chris Fournier is sad:

... Manny is a great player. He genuinely seems like a great guy too. He's been treated like a spoiled brat for his entire career, so I can't blame him for his behavior -- except for shoving Jack McCormick. I wish him the best and I hope he continues to fill up highlights at 11. I'm going to miss his swing, his natty hair, his shenanigans, and his smile. It's really sad that things ended this way (Manny was 0 for 3 in his last game in a Sox uniform). Some things are meant to be.

Timothy Haroutunian, though, is glad Ramirez is gone:

... Don't get me wrong, I thought he was awesome, the Red Sox need a player who don't cause so many problems. Sox are trying to win back-to-back World Series and Manny brings too many distractions.

Ditto for Jenny:

... I used to love Manny but I'm not really sad that he's gone. We're done with your drama! Good luck in L.A.!

Ezra: I'm sorry to see the Manny of up until 3 weeks ago go.

Respect the Tek: Manny being Manny always was a double-edged sword:

... Still. We'd rather remember him as the guy who high-fived a fan in the middle of turning a double play. The man whose moon shot off K-Rod in last year's ALDS still hasn't landed. The man who beat up on Yankees pitching and always seemed to love playing baseball, who never seemed to forget that he was getting paid to play a game. Weird to think that he won't be patrolling left field the next time we go to Fenway ...

Margalit: So you got your wish Manny:

I hope you enjoy LA. Because LA isn't going to enjoy your attitude or your mouth. It's YOUR problem, Manny. You need to deal with it. Luckily LA is filled to the brim with therapists. Find one. Soon.

Dan Shaughnessy Watch ponders what this all means for the CHB:

... With Schilling and Ramirez out of the picture Shaughnessy does not have an obvious whipping post for the first time in years. If JD Drew starts to fade, however, he might better watch out. Shank will lump him in with Keith Foulke and start firing away at his lack of passion for the game.

Bill blasts more media vermin:

... While the Shanks, D&C's. Metergerbils, Planet Shitskulls, Gammos, Flea Bag, et al, have a big circle jerk over the fact that Manny is gone, they have quickly forgotten that he helped win two World Series in four years. ...

Eileen says goodbye:

Thanks for the hits, the memories, the fun, and the World Series victories.

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