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Cranes get no rest: Construction set for next year on next, $700-million phase of Seaport development

The Boston Business Journal talks to developer John Hynes about the three-building, 750-unit Seaport Square complex on which work is set to begin in mid-2016.


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If these are the parcels that I am thinking of, I can remember being in a meeting with Jamie and Frank McCourt circa 1999 about development here (IIRC, they sold these parcels to Hynes III after it became clear that the only baseball team they were buying was in LA and not the Fens). No doubt our resident development hawks can shed some light on this.

The development there went off the table with the dot-com bust. I hope that this one does not meet a similar fate, as I feel like we are in a similar spot in the economic cycle.

Random thought for J.B.III - Grandpa (and Honey Fitz before him) was prescient, eh? Looks like we're getting that "bigger, better, busier Boston" after all.

Another random thought - those inverted glass pyramids in the middle of a rotary in Seaport Boulevard (brining light into Courthouse station) would have been sweet now (the traffic can't be much worse anyway).

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Does anyone know if the parcels adjacent to Summer Street (N & P, I think) will be flush with the viaduct, and have entrances on Summer as well as down as the Congress St level?

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Entrances on Summer for sure, with a pedestrian bridge connecting the two and a sloped lawn or park making the grade down to Congress where there is also a likely entrance. It is presumed that they will be hotels, currently, so entrances at both levels would be assumed in that case. There is a bit of setback from Congress, though.

Additionally, Parcel L2 is in design review, for 2 floors of retail totaling 50000sqft, and office space and possibly residential above that.

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