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Beacon Hill bank held up at gunpoint; two arrested while trying to make their getaway in a taxi

Updated with info from BPD.

After robbing a Charles Street bank this afternoon, a con who has spent much of the last two decades in federal prison and a pal tried to make their getaway in a medallion cab - only to be arrested 15 minutes later in Charlestown, thanks to a witness who spotted the cab's hackney number, which let police track its GPS.

Russell Dinovo, 50, of Wilmington, and Anthony Pantone, 55, of Malden, were charged with holding up the Hingham Institution for Savings, 80 Charles St., around 3:10 p.m., Boston Police report.

The pair hopped into a cab, which police then tracked on a route that included heading into Cambridge by the Museum of Science before heading into Charlestown on the Gilmore Bridge.

Dinovo was released in January, 2014 from federal prison after completing a 19 1/2 year sentence for being a felon in knowing possession of a firearm - which came after three previous convictions for violent crimes. On Aug. 26 of this year, a federal judge sentenced him to two more weeks in federal custody for violating the terms of his probation.

Police add the two could face additional charges. Their basic description - two 5'7" white guys in sunglasses who had a gun - matched that of the suspects in the armed robbery of the Hingham Institution for Savings branch in the South End last week.

Innocent, etc.





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I love these father/son bonding stories.

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