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Fire, hazmat situation in Widett Circle

Firetrucks at 100 Widett Circle cold-storage fire

UPDATE, 9:25 a.m. Second alarm struck.

Boston firefighters are at the AmeriCold Storage building, 100 Widett Circle, for a fire in basement ducts that spread to a first-floor loading dock. Ammonia is present. At 8:40 a.m., the first-floor fire was declared knocked down and the flow of ammonia into the building turned off.

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You know that phenomenon when a friend moves to a city you never heard of, then you start hearing about that town all the time?

That's Widett Circle for me right now.

Hope nobody was harmed.

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BFD reports no injuries.

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Widett Circle has been there decares, but often ignored until recent times. It is an industrial park that is encircled by MBTA rail tracks used to loop trains to reverse direction as well as a train washing machine (much like a car wash).

However, before the Olympic Committee was interested in building a stadium there, Bob Kraft was similarly interested in building a soccer stadium there. In fact Kraft's intrerest was months, at least, before any plans were revealed by the Olympic committee.

Why... my... its almost as if he had a psychic impression or something!

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