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Three charged with Christmas home invasion in East Boston

Boston Police report arresting three Lynn men on charges they burst into a home early Saturday morning, one with a knife and one with a bat.

Jose Ventura, 23, Jeremy Ventura, 20, and Francisco Ramirez, 33, all face arraignment Monday on charges of armed home invasion and destruction of property.

Police report officers responded around 6:30 a.m. to 1115 Saratoga St. for a reported breaking and entering.

Upon arrival, officers observed that the front door leading to the common area had been forced in. Officers hurried into the residence and ascended the stairs. As they approached the second floor landing, they observed three males, one holding a bat and another wielding a 4-inch folding knife. Officers drew their department-issued firearms and gave commands for the suspects to drop the weapons and show their hands. The suspects immediately dropped the weapons, however, one of the males attempted to duck out of sight behind a corner on the third floor. After a brief struggle, officers were able to take all three suspects into custody. Officers spoke with the victims who stated they had heard banging on the first-floor door and retreated the second floor apartment before the suspects had gained entry.

Innocent, etc.

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God! Arrest these merry law breakers
Don't let mayhem get in the way
They broke down doors, these mistletoe heelers
But the Boston Blueboys got in their way
To make them see the Judge on Monday
The bail man held them at bay

Oh, Tidings of cuffing with Joy!
Cuffing with Joy!
Oh, Tidings of cuffing with Joy!

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