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Dorchester could get store selling 'exotic' beer and wine

The Boston Licensing Board on Thursday considers a proposal for a package store that would specialize in beer and wine from the Caribbean, Cape Verde and other "exotic" locales.

Joel Nunez's proposed Nunez Liquors, 114 Washington St., near Columbia Road, would carry the sorts of beverages "not generally available in the area," his attorney, Asbel Nunez, told the Boston Licensing Board at a hearing today. Nunez would open the store by buying the package-store license now held by Lombardi's on American Legion Highway in Roslindale.

The mayor's office said the store would help lead to "vibrant foot traffic" in an area that needs it, but asked the board to defer any decision until after Nunez holds more discussions with the office and with Four Corner Main Street.



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Also sell equally exotic nips, scratch tickets and blunts?

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Go to the meeting he'll have with the local Main Street program and report back? But no nips, the board no longer approves sale of those.

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