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Apartments aimed at veterans get BRA nod

The BRA board yesterday approved the Brighton Marine Health Center's proposal for a 102-unit apartment development aimed at area veterans.

The $40-million project on Commonwealth Avenue at Warren Street, first proposed in 2014, will include 11 three-bedroom units.

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Another example of the city approving an increase to the population of the city, but not outlining any plan to increase the level of public safety. More people living here means we need more people to ensure their safety. There have been no increases to the number of police on the streets, especially in these areas seeing the biggest residential development booms, like the waterfront/seaport area, Brighton, Roslindale, and the South End. The same number of police officers, routinely being ordered to work double shifts to keep up with the high-crime workload, are expected to shoulder the additional load of work that comes along with this increase in the number of people living, working, and passing through the city. In the areas like the Longwood Hospital area, that is constantly undergoing construction to accommodate more people, and in Mission Hill where college expansion is perpetual, there were actually cuts in public safety when the fire chief was eliminated from that area. The same was done in West Rox. Now, with all the new residential development being done in Roslindale, these services should be restored. The tax base is being enlarged with all the property taxes being taken in by these residential developments. It only makes sense that the city's services should increase along with it.

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