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Armed robber on the loose in North Quincy; looks for people getting out of their cars at night

Quincy Police report a man posing as a panhandler robbed a Newbury Street resident early this morning, in a stickup similar to a robbery earlier this month on Atlantic Street.

Police say a man getting out of his car shortly after midnight on the 200 block of Newbury was approached by a man who asked him if he could spare some money:

The victim, who thought the suspect may need help, then handed the suspect some cash from his wallet. The suspect then pulled out a black handgun and demanded the remainder of the victim's cash.

Around 9 p.m. on Jan. 2, the robber didn't bother with the panhandler pretense in a holdup on Atlantic Street near Prospect Street, police say:

The victims stated that they had just exited their vehicle and were approached by a black male, holding a gun, who demanded money. One victim, an 18 year old Asian female, was struck by the suspect who then grabbed her pocketbook. The second victim, a 24 year old Asian male, handed the suspect his wallet.

In addition to being black, the robber was described as being thin and in his mid to late 20s. In one case, he was described as having some facial scruff; in the other, the victims couldn't tell because he was wearing a mask.

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Not quite Newbury Street and Atlantic Avenue.

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Quincy Police, however, say it was Atlantic St., not Ave.

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I wasn't commenting on the street names there (I don't know them from Adam), but just the mashup of Newbury Street/Atlantic Ave.

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