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Who isn't thinking of running for city council in Roxbury?

Camacho and Jibril

Two more people have indicated they're thinking seriously enough about running for Tito Jackson's city-council seat in District 7 that they've registered campaign organizations with the state.

Angelina Camacho (left in the photo), a program manager at ABCD, yesterday filed with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Deeqo Jibril (right), who fled civil war in Somalia when she was 12 and who is the founder and executive director of the Somali Community and Cultural Association in Boston, filed on Friday.

They join Hassan Williams and Joao DePina, who filed earlier this month. Also thinking of running: Rufus Faulk, Kim Janey and Charles Clemons Muhammad.

Jackson is running for mayor this fall.

Filing with the state does not mean any of the candidates will be on the September preliminary ballot - they also have to file signatures with the city elections department, which does not release petition forms until May 2.


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Kudos to the women and men who are willing to spend the next year working day and night to get their ideas heard and their vote out.

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So, if Tito qualifies to run (3,000 signatures), will he not run for city councilor, concurrently?

As of now, it's still "legal" to do so, a la Charles Yancey. (Who I hear might run for his old city council seat, btw?)

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Tito said on Greater Boston that he's not running for city council. Mayor or bust.

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Stenographic records for deaf ESL people?

I love to see people getting out and running for office. Sadly, it is usually the open seats. I hate seeing so many uncontested races in this state. Nothing against any incumbents per se, just that the lack of competition could make them a bit too secure in their positions, which leads to complacency, which leads to a subtle erosion of democracy.

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