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Green Line passengers forced to walk along viaduct to Lechmere after small fire atop their trolley

Trolley on the way to Lechmere that sort of caught fire

The T is running shuttle buses to and from Lechmere because of what Greater Boston Radio calls a minor fire. Nani, who took the photo, reports:

green line stopped right between lechemere and science park - saw a tiny electrical explosion from above - scary!

She adds that about 30 minutes after the trolley stopped, passengers disembarked and walked down the viaduct to Lechmere.

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When the rear doors of the Cleveland Circle trolley wouldn't open and about twenty of us missed our stop at Arlington and we had to get off at Copley. An out of town family couldn't believe they would have to pay again to get back to Arlington with their young child.
I decided to walk in the frigid cold but can only imagine how the frigid and slippery walk down the viaduct was a much bigger concern. I hope no one got frostbitten today thanks to the miserable service.

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