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Water main goes kablooie

Reed Street between East Lenox and Northampton streets could be shut for the rest of the day due to a water main that decided it just couldn't take the pressure anymore.

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Most of our water infrastructure is over a century old and we just spent a decade of minimal borrowing costs doing nothing about it.

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That is in no way true. Much of our water and sewer infrastructure is old but old doesn't mean it's a problem as long as they're maintained, which they are. There are pipes from the early 1900s that can last another hundred years due to the quality of craftsmanship then. Many are also replaced every year, check the BWSC annual reports. You don't know what you are talking about if you think otherwise. Even in the best system, there will be some main leaks and breaks, especially in the extreme cold like this. Boston's system is considered the best in the nation by far for our older cities. Look at what is happening in similar places like Philadelphia and Baltimore which have more breaks in a week than Boston does over a few months time.

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