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Councilors clash over elimination of two 'transitional' programs for homeless addicts at city shelter

The Boston City Council agreed today to hold a hearing on the recent decision of the Boston Public Health Commission to shutter two programs, with a total of 40 beds at the Southampton Street shelter, aimed at helping homeless people - in particular those who are HIV positive - gradually reenter society.

The hearing could become a debate between Councilor Tito Jackson (Roxbury), who wants the beds restored, and Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George (at large), who said the end of the programs is a good thing because it's part of a national "rapid rehousing" effort that aims to get the homeless into longterm housing - with continuing support - as fast as possible.

The commission is not eliminating the beds but will instead use them simply to give the homeless a place to sleep overnight.

At a council meeting today, Jackson said the shutdown of the beds two weeks ago is inexcusable in a city that has at least 300 homeless HIV-positive people who need immediate help. "These are the most vulnerable people in our city and we must do better," he said. The commission knew two years ago the federal government would end funding for the programs and the administration - Jackson is running against Mayor Walsh this fall - could certainly have afforded to maintain them, what with spending $15 million last year out of operating funds on the still useless Northern Avenue Bridge.

But Essaibi-George, who will run the hearing as chairwoman of the council's Committee on Homelessness, Mental Health and Recovery, politely, and without directly saying so, suggested Jackson does not know what he's talking about.

After first praising Jackson's strong advocacy for the homeless, she said that even aside from the loss of the federal funds, trying to get homeless people into permanent housing as fast as possible makes sense - as long as they continue to get care to help them adjust. She said the public-health commission is working with all of the people directly affected by the shutdown of the Safe Harbor and Stability, Opportunity, Achievement, and Recovery programs to ensure they are offered permnanent housing and ongoing help. And she agreed because this will help bring "stability rather than continued crisis" to their lives.

Council President Michelle Wu moved onto other business, but the two went at it again during what is normally one of the last orders of business for the council - letting councilors make announcements about departing staff members or interesting events they think other councilors should attend.

"Rapid rehousing doesn't work for individuals who are addicted," and some of the people in the affected Southampton Street programs were there because they were kicked out of permanent housing, Jackson said.

Wu then called on Councilor Ayanna Pressley (at large), who gave a tribute to a departing member of her staff, who started as an intern and became one of her fulltime liaisons while working on his PhD.

She then called on Essaibi-George, who, responding to Jackson, said the only real answer to homelessness is to create new homes, not just keep sending people back into shelters. "Too many individuals and too many families who have spent too many nights in shelters."

Councilor Bill Linehan (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, downtown) then rose to declare both Jackson and Essaibi-George "out of order" for using the announcement time for a policy debate. Wu apologized to Jackson for inadvertently cutting him off during the earlier discussion and to the entire council for allowing the discussion to continue when it shouldn't have.



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Marty promised to cover with city funds any programs the feds stopped funding under the Trump administration; and the war on homelessness and addiction has supposedly been a priority of his. So will Walsh put money where is mouth is or will we see more empty posturing from the mayor's office?

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Yeah, Marty also gave Long Island to his buddies, didn't he.

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Should Walsh have spent 100 million to rebuild the bridge?

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Releasees coming out of South Bay should not be surrounded by drugs, dealers, and addicts when they step out the door. None of these recovery centers are drug-free zones. All this does is keep the revolving door of addiction, recovery, then relapse perpetuating. Has any politician or other governmental official or Harvard graduate or all of the above actually made public what percentage of addicts recovering from heroin and opiates, after having attended these programs which are proposed to be shut down, relapsed?

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People in recovery need to learn to deal with that.

Care to share some resources that support your claims?

People have to be in areas where they can get to transportation and jobs so that they can get back on their feet. Unfortunately, those areas are also where a lot of users end up.

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Your comment reflects your inability to see the truth when it comes from heroin addiction. Hardly anyone who attends recovery programs stays away from that world of addiction long term. Sure, there are some success stories, but unfortunately not too many. I've been to 47 detoxes in my life for drugs. It sucks.

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"The world is full of drugs

By SwirlyGrrl on Wed, 03/29/2017 - 7:00pm
People in recovery need to learn to deal with that."

So ignorant.....

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Because eliminating the Long Island shelter wasn't enough?

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Why didnt the city then just seize, buy , ect. the newly sold flower market on Albany street and remake the property to replace Long Island ? Keep it tight !

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your home.

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If it was in the no man zone that was Albany street ., I would expect no less Buick ! ( You do reference the car, right? Do you know the connection to Nixon and the car ? )

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Please add other possible Candidates...

List of possible Candidates for Boston City Council.

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List of possible Candidates for Cambridge City Council... scroll down about 2+ posts to "Possible City Council and School Committee candidates for 2017" at http://rwinters.com

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This isn't Cambridge, so simply running a giant list o' candidates isn't the best way to present them. We're a big city, with districts and preliminary elections and stuff.

Candidates in District 7 (Roxbury, basically).

Candidates in District 2 (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown).

Lots of candidates in both because the incumbents (Jackson in 7 and Linehan in 2) aren't running for reelection. Haven't heard of any races in other districts yet (doesn't mean there aren't any; I'm not everywhere, alas), and have spent zero time looking at the at-large races (with the assumption that all four incumbents - Pressley, Flaherty, Wu and Essaibi-George - will be running for reelection).

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Candidates could switch from District Campaigns to At-Large Campaigns... even possible are from At-Large Campaigns to District Campaigns.

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I wish I could find an easy and accurate explanation of this. The whole, "Not losing beds but losing beds," and, "We knew about this for two years," etc., confuses me. Srsly.

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Here's what I think happened:

There are 40 beds at the Southampton Street shelter that were set aside for two specific programs aimed at homeless addicts - half specifically for addicts who are also HIV positive. These programs used to be housed in buildings on Long Island, but, well, we know what happened there. In addition to giving them simply a place to sleep at night, these programs also provided services to the addicts to help them prepare for life drug free in more permanent housing.

Those programs ended within the past month as federal funding ended. The physical beds are still there, but now they've gone back to being just places to sleep at night. BPHC knew this was coming, because it's part of a change in emphasis in dealing with homeless addicts - rather than trying to care for them in homeless shelters, the goal is to quickly get them into actual apartments - along with the kind of care they were getting in the transitional programs.

Whether this is a good thing or not is what Jackson and Essaibi-George were arguing about.

That make more sense?

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Thanks. It's not you but the story in general that confused me.

So is there anything stopping those 40 people who were part of that program from staying at the shelter now that it's not designated for them? Like, are they banned?

Basically, are people being thrown out on the street.

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Councilors' remarks... Captioning files 29 March 2017 Public Meeting Boston City Council

Welcome to our weekly Boston city council meeting. Madam clerk would
you please call the roll to ascertain the presence of a
quorum. Councilor Essaibi-george, Councilor Linehan, Councilor
Lamattina Councillor Mccarthy, Councilor O'Malley, Councilor Pressley,
Councilor Wu, and Councillor Zakim. Madam president.

Thank you very much. At this point I'd like to ask all councilors and
guests to please rise as we will hear our faith leader and after the
invocation please remain staj for the pledge of allegiance.

We all know very well that's pastor igor raziti, senior pastor of
empowerment church without walls, focused on building ul
people. Before launching ecc on resurrection day, 2010 pastor served
on the ministerial staff for 12 years. Alongside his faith service
which many of us know him personally and professionally, a number of
his community initiatives involve having been a candidate for Boston
city council, as well as being appointed by mayor walsh as fair
housing commissioner, and he lost his mother back in 2005, advocate
for domestic violence, one of his life's mission to stand against evil
and senseless violence. Warm welcome and looking forward to a rear
from pastor razitti this morning.

I know we are in the owner can we put our hands together and give god
thanks, I ax so honored to be here thank you Councilor
Flaherty. Father in the name of jeefs as we pray, I speak life and
love over this body. God pay everything that is done be done to your
glory. My prayer today is that you would lead and guide in every way,
lead by your wisdom. Lead by your love. God, I thank you or the these
public servants, who have made themselves available and who sacrificed
much of their personal lives to represent the people in their
districts. Bless hem. May they not see the -- may they thought miss
the business picture. May they focus on that. And may everything that
is said and done today be meant to glorify people, build up families,
strengthen those that are the least and the lost and the left out
among us. Thank you so much for them, thank you god for this work that
this body does. Bless it, in jesus name, amen.

[ pledge of allegiance ]

Thank you, Councilor Flaherty and thank you pastor. We'll start with
approval of the minutes from last meeting. Are there any changes or
amendments to those minutes? Seeing and hearing none the minutes stand
approved. And madam clerk if we could start with communications from
his honor the mayor. Docket Number 0464 message and order authorizing
the city of Boston to submit to the Massachusetts school building
authority the statement of interest dated march 23, 2017 for the
carter school located at 396 northampton street, Boston, mass.

Docket 0464 will be assigned to the committee of ways and means. F if
you could read the rest of the matters on this area.

Yes. Docket Number 0465 message and order for the confirmation of the
appointment of marie st. Fleur as a member of the board of appeal for
a term expiring july 1, 2018. Docket Number 0466 message and order for
the confirmation of the reappointment of anthony pisani as a member of
the board of appeal for a term expiring july 1, 2018. Docket Number
0467 message and order for the confirmation of the reappointment of
bruce bickerstaff as a member of the board of appeal for a term
expiring july 1, 2018. Docket Number 0468 message and order for the
confirmation of the reappointment of eugene kelly as a member of the
board of appeal for a term expiring july 1, 2018. Docket Number 0469
message and order for the confirmation of the reappointment of kerry
walsh logue as a member of the board of appeal for a term expiring
november 1, 2019. Docket Number 0470 message and order for the
confirmation of the reappointment of tyrone kindell, jr. As a member
of the board of appeal for a term expiring october 1, 2019. Docket
Number 0471 message and order for the confirmation of the
reappointment of mark fortune as a member of the board of appeal for a
term expiring june 1, 2018. Docket Number 0472 message and order for
the confirmation of the reappointment of mark erlich as a member of
the board of appeal for a term expiring september 1, 2019.

Thank you, doblght number 0465 through 0472 will be assigned tout
committee on reports and others. And could you please mark Councilor
Campbell as being here.

Thank you madam president. Docket Number 0473 notice was received from
mayor of the reappointment of gary l. Saunders, as a member of the
Boston groundwater trust for a term expiring march 20, 2019. Docket
Number 0474 notice was received from mayor of the reappointment of tim
ian mitchell, as a member of the Boston groundwater trust for a term
expiring march 20, 2019. Docket Number 0475 notice was received from
mayor of the reappointment of peter j. Shilland, as a member of the
Boston groundwater trust for a term expiring march 20, 2019. Docket
Number 0476 notice was received from mayor of the reappointment of
aaron michlewitz, as a member of the Boston groundwater trust for a
term expiring march 20, 2019. Docket Number 0477 notice was received
from mayor of the reappointment of greg galer, as a member of the
Boston groundwater trust for a term expiring march 21, 2019. Docket
Number 0478 notice was received from mayor of the reappointment of
lisa soli, as a member of the Boston groundwater trust for a term
expiring march 1, 2019. Docket Number 0479 notice was received from
mayor of the appointment of hanah fadrigalan, as a member of the
Boston cultural council for a term expiring october 1, 2019. Docket
Number 0480 notice was received from mayor of the appointment of
patricia mcsweeney, as a member of the Boston cultural council for a
term expiring october 1, 2019. Docket Number 0481 notice was received
from mayor of the appointment of anne herdst, as a member of the
Boston conservation commission for a term expiring november 1, 2019.

Dockets number 0473 through 0481 will be placed on file. Matters
recently heard for possible action.

Docket Number 0132 ordinance regarding the reduction of plastic bags
in Boston.

Chairs recognizes the chair on the committee for government action,
Councilor Flaherty.

This past monday march tweivet 27th, regarding the reduction of
plastic bags, the matter was assigned to the committee in 2016 and was
reintroduced january 11th of 2017. In attendance was carl specter and
susan casino director of recycling. Additionally we had experts in
both fields, environmental workforce, expressing their views on the
matter, including some of the topics discussed was how the retail
industry would be impact ed. How seniors would be impacted and how the
legislation would work here in Boston compared to how it's working in
other cities and towns. Defer to lead sponsor if he chooses to speak
but would like to keep this matter in committee until further
notice. Thank you madam president.

Thank you Councilor Flaherty. You are recognized to be heard.

I thought it was an important working session on monday and six or 7
of you participated on staff and virtually everyone was there. Council
president you have set the tone and having as robust and public a
process as possible, I want to thank my staff who has put many meeting
minutes up online after each meeting, we'll continue to do so. There
was particularly compelling testimony from an 11-year-old girl
representing the Dorchester girl scouts, ask that echo the call to
remain in committee and look at having a bill that we can vote and
hopefully pass unanimously on this body. Thank you.

Thank you Councilor O'Malley. Docket will remain on the committee for
government regulations.

Docket Number 0134 order for a hearing to review and discuss the fy18
Boston public schools' special education budget and identify solutions
to ensure equitable transitions of bps youth.

Chair recognizes the chair of the committee on education Councilor

Thank you so much, madam president. This is the fourth hearing of its
kind and I want to thank Councilor Pressley for her leern in this
space many Councilor Pressley was obviously present, Councilor
Essaibi-george and Councilor O'Malley was present for an informative
hearing. I want to turn it over to the lead sponsor so she can give
her indepth input on this matter. Thank you so much.

Thank you Councilor Jackson. Councilor Pressley you have the floor.

Thank you madam president I'll be actually pretty su singt today but
we will be producing a more complete committee report on this. As the
chair referenced this is fourth hearing that I've sponsored in this
space relative to ensuring equitable insurance that our students sever
services in this space, postsecondary into workforce and into self
sufficient independent lives. I have used this quote a lot, thanks to
the partnership and the advocacy of spedpac, mass advocates for
children, carolyn from spedpac, said inclusion is more than a seat at
the table, it is an experience. We're going to continue to be vigilant
to ensure it is a good experience for our students receiving special
education services. A couple of stats to share many 4115 transition
age stoournlts enrolled, 4115. The graduation rates for students with
disabilities have been steadily rising. Which is encouraging
news. However, the postsecondary enrollment for students with
disabilities has been relatively stagnant. We continue to be more
focused on these statistics and we have seen a rise in fiscal
investment and transition services. And so we just want to continue to
make sure that those dollars are being leveraged effectively to ensure
a more quibble transition. So moving in the right direction, again I
want to thank spedpac mass advocates for children and bps for being
intentional advocates in this space. We are a lot less defensive and
acknowledging where there have been deficits and where we need too
improve, and we've seen that happen, basedden the vendors and the new
contract of services of folks that are coming on board. We're
encouraged in the direction we're moving in and more work to be
done. When we've done that there will be a report.

Thank you, Councilor Pressley. Councilor Essaibi-george you have the

Thank you to the maker for holding this hearing. It's the second I've
participated in and for me it was a little bit of an anniversary sort
of hitting that hearing, was very important for me. I asked during the
hearing those that were on the panel, what was the model school in bps
that worked on transition the best. And the answer from carolyn from
spedpac is we don't have one. I think it's really important to
celebrate that we're recognizing as a district that we're not doing
this work, we don't have a model, that's why we brought in great
partners to help us with this work and that we're going to work
towards going-becoming a leading district. I want to say as much as
that was disappointing to hear it was positive that we recognize that,
as a district, and incredibly promising that we know that we weren't
able to do the work so we brought in the right partners to help us
with that. So I think contrary to what I say about bps, I'm excited
about sort of the future and this hearing continuing through the years
and to understand the progress, and to get to a point where we can
point to not just one program in bps but transitional services, but
that all of our transitional programs are doing them incredible and
they're the model and they're the schools that are visited from
outside districts. Thank you.

Thank you, Councilor Essaibi-george. Docket Number 0134 will remain on
the committee on education.

Docket Number 0199 order that the committee on healthy women, families
and communities will host a series of policy briefings related to key
topics in early education and childcare.

Chair recognizes the chair of the committee on health women's children
and neams. Councilor Pressley.

Thank you, and I want to thank again Councilor Wu for initiating,
coming up with the spirit of this idea. It's been wonderful to work
with all of my colleagues on this issue. I want to thank Councilor Wu,
Councilor Essaibi-george, Councilor Campbell for their input last
night. Last night was specifically focused on support for community
based providers of community support and care. Little over three hour
hearing, very informative and very compelling, we had a panel of four
amazing experts, ann douglas from the institute of early education and
notification, and sahari craft founding executive director of smart
from the start, and vital village network at Boston medical center and
I'm still honestly digesting the hearing because there was a lot of
information that came out of it but just the big things that I think
are important to reiterate here is there is no debate about what we
all want and that is for childcare to be accessible, to be affordable
and to be quality. And in order for this care to be quality, we have
to invest in this workforce. This is a workforce that is not been
invested in. It has not been professionally developed. It is not being
compensated according to the very important work that they are charged
with doing. They are charged wet welfare the well-being and the
welfare of our children and we know that that foundation is a
predictor and indicator for everything else, every mitigation of
aspects of and health outcomes it all starts right here. So one of the
things that came up throughout the hearing is we certainly do want to
commend the mayor for expanding prek, not only are we struggling to
meet the demand for early education and care to stabilize our families
to grow our workforce and our economy but we are at a deficit when it
comes to care for children zero to 3. Kids don't spontaneously come
spontaneously combustand end at age 4. There is a lot of talk about
need for data and suppose that the city of Boston be the clearinghouse
for this data because we know best how to leverage that data and where
to push for these types of investments. Just to share with you the
contrast and the disparities, early childhood care and providers are
making 21 to $27,000 annually. And our Boston public school district
those educators in contrast are starting at $40,000. These are people
that we are charging with the development of our children. So they
have got to be respected, we need to approach them and challenge this
deficit thinking and have an asset-based approach because they are
assets. Not only because the work that they do is critical, to
developing the best foundation and launching pad for our children, let
us not forget that they are small businesses. They are startups. They
are entrepreneurs, and so we need to treat them as such. So I'm very
excited and appreciative of the cooperation of all of my colleagues in
this space. And looking forward to making the investment in this
workforce, in this industry that we know will yield the greatest
return on investment. And that is more quality care or the our
children and a better future for all of us. So thank you. Fest.

Thank you, Councilor Pressley. Anyone else like to speak on that?
Docket 0199 will remain on the committee on healthy women families and
communities. Motions orders and resolutions.

Docket Number 0482. Councilor Jackson offered the following: order for
a hearing to address recovery service beds at the southampton street

Councilor Jackson you have the floor.

Thank you so much, madam president. This is a very important topic and
issue and I just want to be clear that this is the loss of 40 beds and
the reason why it's the loss of 40 beds is yes the city is saying at a
they're repurposing these beds for emergency shelters. But the south
hampton sherl was the only dedicated recovery shelter that
accommodated hiv-positive patients. I think that's critical. We know
there are over 300 hiv-positive homeless residents in the city of
Boston. So those repurpose beds are for emergency shelters, which
means those folks are coming on a day by day by day basis and we know
that people do better in supportive services and we know that outcomes
are much better in supportive services. These are the most vulnerable
people in our city and we must do better. This body voted and approved
a budget, an operations budget last year that included a $15 million
infusion of dollars to the morgan avenue bridge, $15 million on a
bridge that could have came from a capital budget but came from the
operations budget. The administration knew for two years that these
funds were going to be cut. This should not have happened abruptly,
there is no surprise here, and what does this happen to the
individuals that are being supported here, it puts the most vulnerable
individuals in our city into flux. And so I think it's really critical
that we look at how we restore these services, listen to the
advocates, listen to the patients who are being served here. This is a
potential public health crisis, and it's something that we need to
roll our sleeves up and really think about. First long island, now
this. We dmolt allow the Boston public health commission to put us
into a situation where they're making decisions abruptly with the most
vulnerable individuals in the intoft. I look for an expedited hearing
and I look to hear the voices that are not being heard with the
communication that has come out. Thank you so much, madam president.

Thank you Councilor Jackson. Councilor Essaibi-george, you have the

Thank you madam president and thank you to the maker. Councilor
Jackson consistently speaks out on behalf of the city's most
vulnerable urging us to do better and do more. And that is certainly
what we need. Hoaxlessness is a tough and persistent foe, our state
and city governments have been battling it for decades. We know this
is a crisis for individuals and families and one thing we also agree
on is the permanent solution to homelessness is housing, shelters is
not the solution, they are a stopgap for people in crisis. What people
really need is permanent supportive housing. In recognition of this
fact the funding landscape has been changing. Hud is shifting its
sights to a rapid rehousing model that helps people stay stable in
their own homes. That's what we're doing in Boston. The safe harbor
program has used hud funds for 40 transitional beds for the last 25
years. In 2013 when the bridge to long island was deemed too dangerous
to use the program was relocated to southampton street shelter. The
Boston public health commission is currently creating individual plans
for each guest impacted by this change and is working to stabilize
each individual into permanent housing. Fest rapid rehousing is a
proven model that creates long term stability. Stability rather than
continued crisis. Fest we are working to move people experiencing
homelessness into their own homes. Many people for the first time in
many, many years. Just imagine what that would be like. I look forward
to continuing to work with my colleagues on the council and in the
field to help more people move into real homes and safe and supportive
environments. I hope that this be assigned to the committee I chair on
homelessness mental health and recovery. We hope to expedite a hearing
to support the continued work of rapid rehousing. Thank you.

Thank you Councilor Essaibi-george. Anyone else like to speak on this
docket? Docket 0482, will be assigned to the committee on homelessness
melt health and recovery. Could you add Councilor Essaibi-george to
the Docket 0482, please add Councilor Campbell, Councillor Mccarthy,
Councillor Ciommo, Councillor Zakim, Councilor O'Malley, please add
the chair's name, Councilor Baker. Okay and again Docket 0482 will be
assigned to the committee on homelessness mental health and recovery.

Docket Number 0483 councilors wu and pressley offered the following:
order for a hearing regarding the fenway cultural district.

Chair recognizes the lead sponsor Councilor Wu.

Mr. President, I'm going to defer to our colleagues who know this
particular issue best because she's been advocating for a long long
time. But essentially the outline of the hearing order is that the
fenway cultural district which has received tremendous success in
Boston really been a landmark and history-making district in so many
ways is up for renewal after their five years. So I'll defer to her
but before then I'd like to make a motion to suspend rule 12 and add
Councillor Zakim and Councilor Jackson as co-sponsors.

Are there any objections? Seeing no objection we'll add Councillor
Zakim and Councilor Jackson.

Thank you Mr. Vment.

Chair recognizes Councilor Pressley.

Thank you, council president wu and Councillor Zakim, I would also
like to thank, I'm sure he's watching former city Councillor Michael
ross, with Councilor Jackson and myself back in 2011, I don't know if
kelly was here, hopefully she is watching too, are from the fenway
alliance. I would like to express my thanks for the role she played in
getting this district created and ensuring the success of the
district. As Councilor Wu alluded to the Massachusetts cultural
council acquired the district, to be reauthorized five years after
they were first created. This affords us an opportunity to make a
quick look back and to celebrate the wonderful things that have
happened in this district over the last five years. I should also say
they were sort of the pioneers in Boston not in the commonwealth but
districts designatebut the fenway was the very first cultural district
designated for Boston. Now with the support of everyone, we have a
second one being created. Hope there will be many more to come. As far
as the fenway is concerned, based on the research brought together by
the fenway alliance, the fenway institution he bring more than 4
million visit oorgs to the fenway cultural district each year and they
employ over 20,000 people and they educate more than 60,000 students
and this cultural district has really been a catalyst for the city
being able to successfully preserve institutions sich as the
huntington theater slated to carlos last year, and public by design,
to highlight the district and artists abroad and at home. And last
year this public by design, they were able to partner the medicine
wheel, it was a public installation with an internationally known
artist from ireland, our very own michael doweling. Close to the
annualed the x fenway, wide range of topics, and this is only the tip
of the iceberg of what they've been able to accomplish in five years
and I look forward to learning even more and to seeing even more in
hope that we can support this reauthorization in the
affirmative. Again I think all of my colleagues for their partnership
this this endeavor and congratulations to the fenway cultural

Thank you, Councilor Pressley. Chair recognizes Councillor Zakim.

Mr. Vice president I want to thank council president wu, Councilor
Pressley, and Councilor Jackson. Including this hearing order I just
want to echo the words of my good colleagues that this has been a huge
positive impact in the fenway neighborhood for residents for visitors
alike for people in Boston, outside of Boston, contribute to our
economy the vibrant culture and the thriving community we have here in
the city of Boston. I obviously hope we will move swiftly on this, for
the benefits of becoming a cultural district.

Chair recognizes Councilor Jackson.

Thank you so much, Mr. Chair. I just wanted to note the greatest part
of about this whole process is looking at the riches that we have in
the city of Boston, and so the coolest part about sitting through
these meetings is just looking and connecting with all of the people,
institutions and wealth and commonwealth that we have in the city of
Boston, and I want to give kudos on the literary district and I'm
really looking forward to the approval of a roxbury cultural district
also. And I would say to all of my trends on the council, and
particularly the district councilors it's an amazing process going
through this because it actually really does provide the connective
tissue, have everyone sit down and as Councilor Pressley brought up
earlier, thinking of assets rather than deficits. And connecting folks
and bringing people often the same page in the same room. So I really
look forward to having a third but also renewing this one. I believe
if I'm not mistaken this was the first.


So I think it's also notable that Boston again was first in -- when it
came to cultural districts in the whole state of Massachusetts. Thank
you so much Mr. President.

Thank you Councilor Jackson. Ill you please add Councilor Flaherty
madam clerk, also add Councilor Campbell, Councillor Ciommo, Councilor
Es essaibi-george, Councilor Lamattina, Councilor Linehan, Councillor
Mccarthy, Councilor O'Malley and add my name madam clerk. With that
Docket 0482 will be assigned to arts culture and special events.

Docket Number 0484 Councilor Wu offered the following: order that the
city council hold biannual urban renewal progress update hearings
until 2022.

This one is just a quick refile on behalf of the entire council,
following our urban renewal imream that we voted on with the bra and
as part of that agreement as you all know the council has six months
oversight meetings with the bra, this will be the second that
Councilor Linehan will host but because our dockets were cleared at
the end of last calendar year this is just a refile to get it back
into the system. Any comments or questions on that one? Great
disoblght 0484 will be assigned to the committee on planning and
development. I'm informed by the court there are no late filed matters
today to add. So we'll move to the green sheets. Would anyone like to
pull a matter from the green sheets? Councillor Ciommo you have the

Thank you, madam president Docket 0388 on page 2 asigned for further
action and also on page 7 of 7 for the detail.

Thank you, madam clerk could you please read that into record.

Wheat of ways and means Docket Number 0388 sponsored by the mayor,
message and order approving appropriation ef 9,202,101, for
replacement of boiler, Boston latin school, partial boiler
replacement, john condon, roof replacement, roof replacement and the
william e. Chaning middle school,est incident and related thereto for
which the city of Boston may be eligible from a grant, to be expended
under the direction of the public facilities department on behalf of
the public schools Boston public schools and it was referred to
committee on march 8th, 2017, had its first reading on march 15, 2013
and is assigned for further action.

Thank you, madam clerk, Docket 0388 brought forward by our chairman of
ways and means and read into the record is now properly before the

Thank you. This is a mass building authority accelerated repair
program project, which the city will recover approximately 65% for
this $9 million appropriation will enable us to get reimbursed for a
little under $6 million. The work will take place over the summer
months and not disrupt the start of school in september so I ask for
support and a positive vote for the second reading. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Ciommo, would anyone else like to comment? Okay
at this time Councillor Ciommo moves for second reading of Docket
Number 0388. Madam clerk could you please poll the council?

Thank you, madam president. Councilor Baker, yes, Councilor Campbell,
Councilor Campbell yes, Councillor Ciommo, Councillor Ciommo yes,
Councilor Essaibi-george, Councilor Essaibi-george yes, Councilor
Flaherty, Councilor Flaherty yes, Councilor Jackson, Councilor Jackson
yes. Councilor Lamattina, Councilor Lamattina yes, Councilor Linehan,
Councilor Linehan yes, Councillor Mccarthy, Councillor Mccarthy yes,
Councilor O'Malley, Councilor O'Malley yes. Councilor Pressley,
Councilor Pressley yes, Councilor Wu, Councilor Wu yes. And Councillor
Zakim, Councillor Zakim yes. Madam president, Docket Number 0388 has
received a unanimous second reading.

Thank you madam clerk, Docket Number 0388 has received a unanimous
second reading and has been passed. Any other takers for the green
sheets? Okay. We'll move on to any announcements or
statements. Councilor Jackson, you have the floor.

Thank you so much madam president consent to make a brief
statement. Unanimous consent. So I just wanted to note and I didn't
hit my button fast en enough. Rapid rehousing doesn't work for
individuals who are addicted because you must and need to take care of
that addiction. I believe prior. So I think it's really important that
we continue to have these supportive housing services that wrap around
in the city of Boston, so I think that should be one of the things
that we think about. And so we face many individuals who have been
placed in housing and then actually were tossed out of their housing
losing their voucher and not able to apply until several years
after. I think it's really critical that the city of Boston
knowledgeably and thoughtfully take care of this very vulnerable
population in particular with the only beds that help and serve
hiv-positive patients in the city of Boston. We know that there's only
40 beds here and we know there are over 300 individuals who have hiv
who are homeless in the city of Boston and that is our charge, to be
able to take care of those patients. Thank you madam president.

Thank you Councilor Jackson. Councilor Pressley for what purpose do
you rise?

Thank you madam president. One of the hardest things about this work
is that change in life is northwest of inevitable but that doesn't
make it easy. I would like to rise to celebrate the contributions of a
member of my a team, james southern lin. Lyn. Rooney I'm coming for
you, that he's -- but in all seriousness it has been incredible to see
to have him a part of our team and to see his growth and development,
james started with an intern with us at emanuel college and in seven
years time he has gone from being an intern to being a neighborhood
liaison, to being our liaison in all development issues, to our
research director, he originally was a student at emanuel and
recently, now has the title of dr. Southerlin having received his
ph.d. At northeastern university, daring that committee to say no. He
is decent and brilliant and we will miss him terribly. We are so proud
of him. And I got to say good luck to our softball team guys because
he was our pitcher and our ringer. I don't know where we go from
here. I want to say congratulations to bay village residents, lifetime
a team member dr. James southerlin and we will miss you, thank
you. [applause] ftc

Councilor Essaibi-george for what purpose do you rise?

I want to respond to Councilor Jackson's comments about rapid
rehousing. Most of my comments focused on rapid rehousing and for no
moment in time are we to misread rapid rehousing, it is to its core
what rapt rehousing what it's all about. Not only are we responding to
the needs of the homeless individuals but also their specific needs
and case. I look forward to an expedited hearing where we will talk
about this no doubt but it's incredibly important to note the answer
to homelessness is creating permanent homes. Not increasing -- well
increasing opportunities for emergency shelter no doubt but we have
too many individuals and too many families who have spent too many
nights in shelter. They need housing, and that's what we need to work
towards as a city, thank you.

Thank you, Councilor Essaibi-george. So I just -- I appreciate the
spillover of passion from the Docket Numbers but at this procedure I
want to remind you all that this time is not space for going back and
reviewing the various dockets. So both the order of the council but
also for confusion of viewers. So I did want to allows the second,
just because we already started down this path but Councilor Linehan
if you are pressing to talk about rapid rehousing I'm going to --

But they were both out of order and that is not the time and the place
for this and I appreciate the comments that you made. That you know,
this is a special moment in our agenda where you have an opportunity
to say something on behalf of the council that was not previously
discussed, nor a omatter on the docket, so thank you.

Thank you Mr. Former president for that reminder. Again my faults are
not pausing long enough on the previous docket and just a reminder in
the future. I will insert a requirement that is not related to any
other docket. Just a note I will send an e-mail out but we are still
making progress on the council accessibility project of lifting up the
floor so we will no longer need to create issues for folks with
mobility challenges. The next meeting is monday april 3rd right they
chamber at 11:30. You all are welcome, please come, we will be talking
about design and bid schedule which to my knowledge is still on
schedule to happen this summer. Please come and/or send a rep. Anyone
else? Okay great, at this time, oh apologize there are two late file
matters for the consent agenda which needs to adopted, chair moves
consent agenda adoption, all in favor, say aye, opposed, say
nay. Please rise. Today the council will adjourn the meeting in memory
of the following individuals, for Councilor Essaibi-george, hattie
mckay. For Councilor Lamattina, saccary joshua holmes. For Councilor
Linehan, leo cody. For Councillor Mccarthy, tim o'sullivan. For
Councilor Pressley, tracy benton whit li. Kathleen lennon and gloria
el ma samuel thomas. For Councillor Zakim, leonidas papas. A moment of
silence, please.

[ moment of silence ]

Thank you, chair moves that when the council adjourns today we do so
in memory of the aforementioned individuals. We will meet wednesday
april 5th, 12:00 noon. All in favor say aye, opposed nay, council is

Voting closed 0