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That is quite an amazing gaffe: Trolley gets a busted pantograph

Sparking Green Line trolley near Lechmere

Ka-blam! Northpoint resident captured the flying sparks. See the entire photo.

The T's started Lechmere-North Station bustitution; could take several hours to repair the damage. Passengers on a trolley up on the viaduct had to be walked down to the station when one of its pantographs suddenly lost contact with the overhead wire in a shower of sparks.

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Or as Matt puts it:

Some call it busing. I prefer to think of it as "pop-up silver Lines."

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Accompanied by a loud flash/bang that got my attention. This is the second time this has happened recently in the same general stretch of the Lechmere viaduct...seems like there's a defect that needs to be addressed in the catenary. Got a photo of the arcing before the power was cut http://imgur.com/a/YkJOh

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I've posted the key part of the photo. News right outside your window!

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