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West Roxbury tackles development

Compared to some other neighborhoods, you wouldn't think West Roxbury has a whole lot of development issues - it's not like there's anywhere a developer could put an $800-millon hole-in-the ground. But there are enough to get two sub-neighborhood groups together for their first ever meeting. And this being West Roxbury, where people vote like nobody's business, you better believe there were four city councilors in attendance. Tim White reports on the meeting and posts video from it.

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From what I understand you need 6000 or 8000 sq. ft. to develope a home on Ruskin Rd. In both cases the developer has. Whats the problem? I believe the same rules applied for Grayfield Rd. I've driven down Grayfield Rd. many times and agree its a beautiful street, I also believe those two new homes add to its beauty. All in the eyes of the beholder I guess. There are many different styles of homes in that neighborhood not just one kind. I see victorians, colonials, ranchs, two families and condos, all which add character to the neighborhood. Its not fair to change the rules in mid play. The beef from the neighbors against the developer is mostly about change, they don't want change!
Change or development in West Roxbury is a four letter word. God forbid that you take on some of the development that the rest of the city has been taken on for years.
Another issue is possible development on Lagrange st. Again the area is zoned for multi unit houing, I garantee the people who purchased there single family homes in that area were aware of that at the time of thier purchase. If not shame on them for not doing thier homework, the rules are the rules. I agree with the neighbors, the units won't fit in with there homes. But thier the ones who are located in an area for multi unit development. If you don't want to live next to an airpot don't buy in E.Boston or Winthrop. Also that area is filled with condo units, just tke a drive up there. There's Anderer ln., Newfield woods and three other condo/townhouse developments closer to Brookline/Newton.

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