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Harvard Square double stabbing suspect also stabbed a man during a Downtown Crossing robbery, police say

A South End man faces charges on both sides of the river for trying to carve up people during robberies over the weekend in both Downtown Crossing and Harvard Square.

Boston Police today arrested Davongie Stone, 20, of the South End, on charges he plunged a knife into a man during a robbery around 12:40 a.m. on Sunday at Washington and Winter streets.

Police say officers spotted Stone walking near Boston Common around 2:30 p.m. today and arrested him on charges of assault with intent to murder, armed robbery and intent to rob while armed.

Cambridge Police, meanwhile, said Stone is the guy responsible for slicing two men during separate robberies in Harvard Square Friday night.

He faces charges of armed assault with intent to murder for those cases, police say.

In the Harvard Square attacks, Stone was accompanied by three or four other men, Cambridge Police say, adding they are continuing to look for them.

Innocent, etc.



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Totally off topic but the reference to the South End got me thinking...

The gay boys were making such progress in the SE and then when we're almost there, along come you lilly white breeders with your $700 strollers and annoying tow headed brats spoiling our fab brunch spots. Do me a solid and stay the eff out and try gentrifying your own hoods for once. We're not your "help" whose job it is to clean up the hood so you and your Madisons and Jaydens can experience urban life without brown people in the way - unless they're serving your snowflakes organic oats while said little angels squeal and scream and ruin the rest of our lunch. God, you people are insufferable without any sense of self awareness. And please stay out of Dot if you're thinking about moving here. Milton is right up the street and they'll love ya there. Dot is a Starbucks desert so it won't work for you anyway. And worse, there are black people! Horrors!

Christ, you people know how to ruin everything. Lol!!!

Kidding - not really. :/

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I agree with you!! But wait....you must be talking only about north of Darryl's cause there's no gentrification at all happening south of it. Hell, I remember when Villa Victoria used to be a cool nightclub back in the 1980s for various genres (I was a regular). Davongie Stone knew that with all the new wealthy Harvard and MIT students swarming Harvard Square, many of them the same age as he, it would be a great place to go and rob people.

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I admit it. But honestly, heterosexual people can be so aggravating sometimes. I'm currently dealing with them ruining everything on the once fabulous Ashmont Hill. Just a few more of them and we'll be the next Southie. Christ almighty! And I'm from here so I get extra points for being gay and a townie. If you attack me you'll be homophobic and classist so win/win for me bitches!

Kidding - not kidding...again.

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I love you so much ❤️!!!!

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