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Red Line riders can't catch a break; yet another train needs a wake

Yesterday, a Red Line train died on the outbound tracks near Charles/MGH. Today, a Red Line train's dead on the inbound tracks near Charles/MGH. The word of the day is "severe," the T advises.

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When checking the alert on MBTA.com it throws a "502 Bad Gateway" error, because of course it does...

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the guy arrested forsexually assaulting a woman on the MBTA a week ago is out on the street. He was skulking arou DTX this evening around 5. He must have been released without bail. He's been at it for years all over the T. Tall, very skinny light complexioned black dude, age maybe mid 30s possibly older. Always wears a black doorag. Asks people for $, especially women. When I passed him a youngguy was giving him $.

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When travelling back to Ashmont to chill with the Division Three Chief Inspector one evening she asked, as we were waiting for a southbound train at Harvard, what was I muttering under my breath.

"Oh, just a quick little prayer: 'Please don't let there be a push-job! Please don't let there be a push-job! Please don't let there be a push-job!'"

She laughed. "Oh, the Red Line can be annoying but it isn't that bad!"

Several days later when returning home from work she was kicked off at Central. Her train was the sacrificial lamb picked to shove a dead train at Kendall... to someplace that isn't Kendall.

But mark your calendars, folks! New Red Line trains in 2019! Or maybe 2021?! But-definitely-we-hope-by-2030!

(For those of you reading my satirical snark with an askance look on your face... Let the record show that the Blue Line 0700's were initially planned to be in service circa 2002 and the Green Line Type Eight deliveries/testing/acceptance/drama turned into a ten year saga.)

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