Two Roslindale men charged as JP yeggs

Boston Police report arresting two 19-year-olds from Roslindale on a charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime after they emerged from the Margarita Muniz Academy, 20 Child St., around 12:55 this morning.

Lenny V. Santos and Carlos Felix-Espinal, both of Roslindale, were nabbed after setting off a motion detector in the school, police say:

Upon arrival, officers set up a perimeter around the building and began checking for open doors and windows. One of the officers found an open door on the Carolina Avenue side of the school and requested a K-9 to respond to clear the building. As the K-9 swept the inside of the building, officers maintained their perimeter and scanned for suspects exiting the school. Shortly after, officers observed a male open the door near Carolina Ave, but then retreated back into the school. About three minutes later, two male suspects exited another door leading to the baseball fields. Because the officers had the building surrounded, they were able to apprehend the trespassers without further incident.

Innocent, etc.






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I am so proud of most of the members of Boston Police Department.

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Breaking and entering in the night is different than doing it in the morning? Are there different sentencing guidelines? Just curious why that was highlighted.

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Probably goes back to

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Probably goes back to concerns over housebreaks. People are most exposed when asleep, in darkness, etc. It allows for a more severe sentence without necessarily requiring it.

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