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Of course, you realize this means online war

GateHouse Media honcho Kirk Davis stops just short of threatening a lawsuit, but tells Boston Daily he'll be watching the Globe's impending Mega-micro-hyperlocal Newton site with two eagle eyes, to make sure boston.com doesn't try to stomp on his Wicked Local territory. He even gets off a good crack about the 800-pound gorilla now being more like a 200-pound gorilla, which is kind of funny in an ironic sort of way, coming from a guy whose own employer's stock is now worth like negative 3 cents a share, but whatever.

And here I sit, wondering if the issue is simply one of scale. I link to and quote from Wicked Local sites all the time. While my motives are pure as the driven snow, (of course!), I do make money from this site. But I'm no financial threat to GateHouse, whereas the Globe, yeah, a bit of a different issue. Still, Google makes money from putting ads next to GateHouse content on its pages, too.

Dan Kennedy analyzes the brewing battle in more detail.



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Aren't people reporting the news just scamming reality to make a buck? It's all the same. You're in the same industry. You get paid for the same things. You share each other's links and such, all for the same purpose.

Bigger gorillas hire more staff to do different things. That's probably the only difference, but the fundamentals are... the same!

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Kirk Davis is almost pathetically wrong. His company is dying!

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