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Campaign roundup: Jackson releases his budget

As promised at the last debate, it's now here. It puts specific monetary amounts on some of his proposals, such as $5 million for housing vouchers for 400 low-income families.

Incumbent at-large Councilor (and current Council President) Michelle Wu, meanwhile, has released her policy agenda that is comprehensive enough to serve a mayoral candidate.

The Boston Sun wraps up a forum between 8th District Councilor Josh Zakim and challenger Kristen Mobilia on Beacon Hill.

Former at-large Council candidate Jack Kelly of Charlestown endorsed Lydia Edwards in the District 1 council race. Edwards wants to organize community forums in East Boston to figure out what the community should demand should Amazon pick the Suffolk Downs proposal.

Opponent Stephen Passacantilli, meanwhile, says the traffic's too damn much in East Boston.


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Roy Owens is running a "write-in" campaign for the finals.

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Just one example: it looks like they took old copy from a previous campaign but did not replace all of the "state senator" references with "city council"


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Claims this is a statement of his values and then gives less to the schools than Walsh?

Basically he just rearranged the city's revenue numbers, then took $51 million set aside for collective bargaining with BPS and splits it between BPS and the rest of the city.

I'm not going to say any more - other than this is definitely something the Globe should call Tito on LOUDLY - but I'm guessing nobody there even knows where Tito got these numbers.

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I'm pretty sure any candidate's budget would have the same categories, schools, operation, capital and the same sub categories. Calling that plagiarizing is ridiculous as is calling any particular amount he budgeted plagiarizing.

No candidate for Boston mayor ever produced a budget prior to Election day.

If you think Tito budgeted less for Boston Schools than Walsh you're reading it wrong.

plagiarize :to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own

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I know exactly where he got these numbers. They are almost exactly what the city produced last year as the 2019 projection..

And I GUARANTEE you that I can read this budget. Been doing it for over a decade. Tito budgeted about 22 million less for schools than the city already had budgeted but whoever did his budget obviously didn't know what s/he was doing and/or didn't think their incompetence would be traced or found out.

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Even tho' I'm not going to vote for him, I give Tito Jackson a lot of respect for putting this together. It shows a serious effort. And, I would have expected much of it would follow current funding levels since most of that stuff is personnel and other "historic" expenses.

Having said that, the allocation of dollars is so minimally different from the existing budget that it doesn't really show any inspiration or reflect a lot of independent thinking.

So far, I'd say Councilor Jackson has outlined some of the significant problems facing the city's residents, but we already knew they existed. He's yet to have given a lot of people a reason to vote for him instead of staying the course.

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Yes, perhaps both can be true.

To your other point it's not exactly a bold move. There's literally about a 1% difference between what Tito is proposing and what the city's projections demonstrate.

Granted, I've long said a bold thinker can't get elected in this town. You propose change, you threaten the livelihoods of the city's most prolific voters.

Damned if you do, messageless if you don't, which is why we only elect incumbents around here.

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Girl, tell me about it ..

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