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Chelsea MS-13 member who was brought back from hiding in New Jersey to try to kill somebody pleads guilty


The US Attorney's office reports that David "Cilindro" Lopez, 22, pleaded guilty today to RICO charges related to a 2014 attack that left a rival gang member near death with gunshot and knife wounds and a conspiracy to murder an MS-13 member suspected of cooperating with police.

Lopez, a Salvadoran national living in Chelsea, faces up to 20 years in prison followed by possible deportation at his Jan. 30 sentencing. He is the 23rd local MS-13 member to plead guilty following raids by federal and local authorities in 2016 in which 61 people were charged.

According to the US Attorney's office:

Lopez was a member of MS-13’s Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha (ECS) clique, which operated in Chelsea and other parts of Massachusetts. On May 29, 2014, Lopez and co-defendant Daniel Menjivar, a/k/a “Roca,” approached a victim near the Washington Avenue bus stop in Chelsea. Menjivar repeatedly stabbed the victim, and as he was struggling for his life, Lopez approached and shot at the victim. The victim suffered significant life threatening injuries, but survived following emergency surgery. Menjivar pleaded guilty in September 2017.

Lopez then fled to New Jersey:

In March 2015, members of the ECS clique decided to kill a fellow MS-13 member who they incorrectly believed was cooperating with law enforcement at the time. Law enforcement intervened and convinced the individual to become a cooperating witness. A subsequent investigation uncovered evidence that the ECS clique sent someone to New Jersey to pick up Lopez, who had fled Massachusetts after the May 2014 attack, so that he could come back to Massachusetts to help kill the suspected cooperating witness.

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a conspiracy to murder an MS-13 member suspected of cooperating with police.

You know who else cooperated with the police? Whitey Bulger. Now you're all going to jail, and he hid in Santa Monica for a decade and a half in plain sight before he got sicker and sought the cold comfort of three squares and a cot.

Buying the other entity that sticks together and has guns is the path to prosperity. It's as if these guys never read a Howie Carr book or saw a Martin Scorsese movie.

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The only cot he seeked was not getting caught. You are acting like he turned himself in. The police had to set up a sting with his neighbor to lure him to a place where he would have less of a chance to turn a gun on them.

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He was in an urban center. This was arranged.

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Just because you type something doesn't mean it's true. Do you have a source that he turned himself in? Because if you look at actual news things and not just stuff you made up, he was tipped off by someone else. I'll be redirecting anyone who takes anything you say back to this story where you've shown in writing that you just make up the facts.

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Because I'm offering an opinion. I don't care whether or not what I say about this topic is factual. Ever listen to WEEI? Do you go to them for checked facts, or for entertainment?

You're overestimating my interest in taking this exchange (or, hell, anything I say on UH) factually and seriously.

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Or opinions expressed on WEEI would be meaningless. If you just flipped it on and they were claiming Tom Brady broke his arm and was out for the rest of the season and it wasn't based in anything factual at all, then that person's value as an opinion giver would drop drastically.

But it's cool you admit you don't care about anything you post and we aren't supposed to take it seriously. I guess all your opinions about the liquor licensing board should just be tossed out as non-salient hogwash.

Learn what an opinion means BTW, you are using it wrong.

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