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It takes brass to steal so much copper, in case that could test detectives' mettle

Copper thieves

Walpole Police report they are looking for two guys - one wearing a headlamp - who used a Chevy pickup truck and a trailer to make off with some 4,000 pounds of copper from a scrap yard sometime late on Nov. 19 or early on Nov. 20.

Police say the thieves first broke the main-gate lock at Allied Recyling Center, 1901 Main St., then drove the pickup and trailer in.

They used a skid steer to load a 3800 pound copper bale from the scrap yard into a trailer. Additional copper and tools were stolen.

They then drove down Rte. 1A south.

One guy appeared to be 6' and white and wore a Carhartt-style coverall, a red ,white and blue “Boston” winter hat, a headlamp with a green band and a black mask and gloves. The other guy appeared to be wearing a gray hoodie and bluejeans or cargo pants.

If you know anybody trying to unload a couple tons of copper, contact Walpole detectives at 508-668-1212.

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Wow. These guys knew exactly what they were doing. Then again, maybe not.

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Copper is going for around $3.13 / lb. So 4,000 lbs should net the thieves around $12,000. Not a bad score for a night's work, but not enough to retire on.


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Presumably their buyers won't be stupid enough to pay market price to a couple of randos selling copper out of the back of a pickup truck.

Still, not bad for a night's work.

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