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MS-13 leader who convened conclave that led to Chelsea teen's murder pleads guilty to racketeering


Jose Adan "Chucky" Martinez Castro, 28, the leader of MS-13 on the East Coast, yesterday pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge that could get him 20 years in federal prison, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Martinez Castro, at the time living in Richmond, VA, called a meeting of MS-13 leaders in December, 2015, at which he told them they had to be more active in killing members of rival gangs, such as the 18th Street Gang, which had been waging a bloody war with MS-13 for dominance on the streets of East Boston and neighboring communities, such as Chelsea.

Early on Jan. 10, 2016, federal authorities charge, four MS-13 members surrounded Cristofer Perez de la Paz, 16, on Falcon Street in East Boston and used knives and a machete to kill him.

Martinez Castro and the four men accused of killing Perez de la Paz - Edwin "Sangriento" Gonzalez and Edin "Demente" Diaz, both of East Boston, and Marvin "Ninja" Melgar and Jairo "Seco" Perez, both of Chelsea - were arrested in 2016 as part of a federal and local crackdown on MS-13, in which 61 people were charged.

Martinez Castro is the 25th of the 61 to either plead or be found guilty. The Salvadoran national faces deportation after his release from prison. He will be sentenced on Feb. 26, the US Attorney's office reports.


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It seems like the cops really took out a major part of this local MS-13 group, but is it like killing 50 ants when the nest contains thousands?

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It certainly didn't hurt, but there's continued to be MS-13 activity (including at least one possible murder) since the arrests.

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They must be down to at least MS-7 by now, if not MS-6.

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They will eventually become impotent. It would be tough to recruit when there is a real possibility of arrest and, in the case of immigrants, deportation. When the feds went after some Boston gangs in the 90s, rivals somehow merged. The Magnolia Steelers merged with the Intervale and Brunswick crews to become MIB (someone liked their films)

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Wouldn't be easier to just go to school and then get a job?

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You would think so, but maybe not. I think it's safe to say that their lives are SO different than ours, that it's hard to put ourselves in their place. Brought here at what age, with what education, what support network, what knowledge of the language?

Not excusing their actions, obviously. But people don't usually join a gang in the first place if they have a great home life, good prospects, and few worries.

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