Harvard Square T stop shut after somebody whips out some pepper spray

The Cambridge Fire Department reports one person required a trip to the hospital after somebody started spraying a canister of pepper spray on the ramp between the two Red Line platforms shortly before 6 p.m.

The department ordered the Red Line and bus stations shut until the exhaust system was able to fully clear the air. The station was reopened around 6:20 p.m.

In addition to the person taken to the hospital, several people were evaluated and treated on scene, the department says, adding Transit Police is now investigating who might have released the spray.




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Scary Stunt

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Not funny and very dangerous hopefully this crime will be solved by the cameras in the station.

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I passed through Harvard just

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I passed through Harvard just a few hours earlier and I'm honestly terrified after reading this. I am deathly allergic to capsicum (pepper the vegetable, and the active ingredient of pepper spray) and I carry an epi-pen because I'm airborne and anaphylactic. Pepper spray would probably kill me and/or permanently blind me and destroy my lungs. Fuck whoever did this.

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Thank you for posting this

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I wasn't aware that people can be dangerously allergic to pepper spray.

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Do they know why

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the pepper spray was deployed? Was it one of those teenage brain holes, or was it someone who was being attacked and was using it legitimately?

I imagine being attacked at a busy place at 6 pm is less likely than rowdy teens, but it is an important detail.

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Pepper spraying into an

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Pepper spraying into an enclosed crowded area is absolutely wrong. It harms innocent people and can result in a dangerous stampede. Hope they catch however did it and charges them with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
Ridiculous seeing people whip out pepper spray because they are offended by what someone says or not happy about being ousted from a club. Just gross.

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