Upping the ante in snow coverage

Steve Cooper with Devil Dogs

Local TV stations covered our first snowstorm of the season just like you'd expect: Reporters stood by the side of highways (I-93 in Andover seemed especially popular today for some reason), made snowballs, cleared off cars, climbed snow mounds and stuck rulers in the snow.

And then there was Steve Cooper on Channel 7. Not only was he next to I-93 in Andover, he reported while wearing snow shoes and goggles and holding ski poles - except for the moment captured by KMV, when he swapped out the snow poles for boxes of Devil Dogs and other pastries.



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Any time I see a news van idling at some silly place, I really want to stuff bananas in their tailpipe.

Especialy during storm coverage.

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I remember the days

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when we had to look out the window to see it snow.

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I'm all set

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Old habit to watch the news during storms going to back to the school closing crawls on bottom of the screen. Tuned in for this one and never again. Way to ridiculous. Can quick;y hit a couple websites and get all the info I need w/o the bush league show.

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