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Proposed East Boston residential building would actually have some four-bedroom units

11 Walley St. proposal

Architect's rendering.

A developer has filed plans with the BPDA to replace an auto-repair garage and parking lot with a four-story, 38-unit residential building with 25 parking spaces at 11 Walley St. in East Boston.

The parcel is separated by a small grassy area from the Suffolk Downs stop on the Blue Line.

In its request for a small-project approval, MG2 Group, LLC, says the building would have three four-bedroom units and fifteen three-bedroom units, in addition to one- and two-bedroom units.

A total of five of the building's units would be marketed as affordable. The application does not specify if the building would be rented as apartments or sold as condos.

The parking spaces would be in a garage under the building.

The Proposed Project would create a residential development combining market-rate and affordable housing opportunities in an aesthetic appropriate in scale, massing and design to the Orient Heights Neighborhood, in addition to the area’s emerging redevelopment. Further, with its adjacent proximity to the MBTA’s Suffolk Downs Blue Line Rapid Transit station, the Proposed Project will provide a unique high density housing, transit oriented development opportunity.

11-19 Walley St. small-project review application (6.6M PDF).


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will have 8 cars. The 3 bedroom unit in my building has 3 couples and 6 cars.

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It’s not an ideal area of East Boston for luxury condos, when thinking of Eastie it’s Jeffries point or Maverick :Eagle hill area for condos one train stop away from Aquarium not 3 or 4 .

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East Boston is hot right now according to WBUR with their continuous coverage on Eastie.
Where was the WBUR coverage on Eastie in the 1970s and 1980s when Eastie was a shithole.

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Who cares?

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Oh, wait - "crowding" only matters for students.

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